Bring out those culinary skills, because its cake time! Simple making a cake isn’t enough for the perfectionists; let’s take it to the next level with adding that perfect finishing touch with designs and exquisite patterns.

Design me a; Tutorials

This page, run by Edna, a cake enthusiast, has a lot of tutorials on how to make cakes of varying types. Furthermore you learn of the different additional designs done on the cake like pearl beads, outlines, lacing etc.

Pink Cake Box University; Video Tutorials

This website is literally a university for cake making tips and tricks. You’ll find video tutorials on utilizing different methods to make beautiful tricky cakes along with step by step guides to easily make some themed cakes.; Cake decorating is a website providing how-to’s on a number of topics. When it comes to cake decorating, the website isn’t left behind. They have an excellent list of topics ranging from basics to advanced on cake decorating like making layers, adding frostings, crumb coats and a lot more.

Cake; Tutorials on Cake Decoration

A website dedicated to cakes. Here you learn all about the different ways to make a custom themed cake, with step by step guides so you can easily grasp the whole broken down process.

Cake; List of tutorials

On this website, the tutorials page is a compilation of the best videos on cakes. You can look up the basics; learn to make a replica, tips and tricks and much more. The best part is that all of them are videos and that too, made by pros!

Cake Decorating Tutorials

Here’s a really helpful page. It’s got tons of really spectacular tutorials and how-to’s on really different designs and styles of cakes along with decoration tips such as foundations, using platforms, doing layers, icing and much more. Furthermore you can easily interact with members should you feel stuck at some point or simply have an idea to share.

Cake; Fun and Tasteful Cake Decorations

An enthusiast website, you’re sure to find the best here. The author has shared all that you’d want to know on various techniques like the swirl and stripe, icing, frosting, sugar coating, crunchy caramel usage and a lot more. You can download the pages too.

Sugar Teachers; Cake Decorating Tips

A compilation of all the sophisticated methods used in making awe-inspiring cakes. Beware; you better know your way around cake making to enter here. All the pros have posted their work here and too in a step by step format for easy learning.; Cake decorating articles

This website is mostly for members but some free articles its giving are quite invaluable in learning quite some things on decorating cakes as well as on using the tools available and making the best of them. You learn usage, technique and see some of their applications.

Make your; Free Decoration Tutorials

This website has tutorials on making some really exquisite cakes using extensive techniques. The tutorials have been classified and organized in terms of whether it’s a technique or a complete procedure. This makes it easy to get straight to what you want to learn.


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