Any progressing organization knows and recognizes the importance of communication. The prompt conveying and feedback of any message is crucial if a business is to prosper and progress. Provided here are some very helpful free online courses to improve and/or develop your business communication skills.; Corporate Communication

The course comprises of 15 units, with each unit having a number of sub-topics to thoroughly clarify each topic. After completion of the lessons you are also provided with a final exam too. You learn about the importance of communication individually as well as for the whole business and the many problems incurred in the process and their solutions and much more.

E-books Directory; Business Communication

E-books directory is site where lists of e-books on various topics are compiled. You can easily browse through different topics and then go through the available e-books for that particular topic. The e-book can be downloaded as well so you can easily view it offline. There are many e-books on business communication written by known authors of the field.

Atlantic International University; Business Communication

This course is provided as an open course courtesy of the Open Atlantic University learning initiative. This is an adaptation of a course actually taught in classrooms and therefore stands out from ordinary online courses. There are ten lessons in the course starting with communication challenges, identifying different audiences, writing techniques and much more. Moving on there are topics on emailing, memorandums, persuasive messages and so on.

MIT Open Course; Business Management Communication

This course helps you communicate properly in professional environments, namely, business organizations, etc. You learn how to further your message effectively. You improve your skills regarding the different modes of communication such as writing, listening, speaking, reading, and so on.

Business Communication for Managers

Although tailor-made for managers, you can gain knowledge about what is expected of managers and the many responsibilities that befall them in business environments. You learn of preparing business letters, addressing employee concerns, looking after external stakeholders and so on.; Communication Skills

This site contains lists of brain improving quizzes and courses. Among them, some are for communication skills too. These can be applied to a wide array of business situations ranging from day to day work to high-profile meetings with executives, etc.

Business Communication; Podcasts

Here you’ll find a list of more than 33 podcasts on business communication. Each lesson covers a specific topic e.g. letter writing, job descriptions, etc. You can hear them in itunes and will require the player for it.; Corporate Communication

This course is required to be taken on-site, meaning you need to be online while you’re taking it. This is an all-in-one package and you are provided with the course material, etc so all you have to do is study and grasp the topics and benefit from the course by improving your business communication skills.

Free Video Lectures; Professional Communication

This site contains videos on different topics of communication challenges which one comes across in the business environment. The videos require Adobe Flash Player to be run on the browser.

Master Class; Business Communication

This short-course is based on 7 lessons and covers the various topics briefly regarding business communication. Mainly this course is from a manager’s point of view and takes that approach in it’s teachings.

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