We all come across an argument or two every day. Be it at school, home, work, office, college, on a busy road while stuck in traffic, the list goes on. Developing skills to tackle arguments effectively is very vital to ensure we stay on top. Have a look at a few of these courses and tutorials, you’re sure to learn a whole bunch of new stuff.

Harvard Law School Reports; Improve your Negotiation Skills

This report was made by experienced arbitrators and negotiators in the industry with years of experience. A compilation of different situations and how they were handled, you will learn how to implement different skills in real life situations yourself along with being on the winning side. You need to give your email to get the report.

Business Balls.com; Negotiation Skills

A complete guide on negotiation from a business point of view, you learn dealing with customers, dealers, suppliers and a lot more. How you can avoid bad situations, making the most of what you can deal with and a lot more. Furthermore at the end of the tutorial there are other related links which complement negotiation skills indirectly and are worth a read.

Saylor.org; Negotiation Skills

In this course you’ll learn about the framework related to negotiations, how it can be used in different situations, how to maintain healthy business relationships and get the best in each deal. You discover the ethical and moral obligations and how to have the best conduct.

Negotiation Skills

A negotiation skills course, primarily from a business point of view but sharing the essence with all mediums. You learn how to make the best of each deal, covering point of views of both/all parties, how to leverage for the best, being tough, the signals to look for and a lot more.

UWLAX.com; Negotiation Tutorials

You learn about the three main aspects of negotiation in detail. Namely the

(1)      Concession curve, and how far you should go and not go;

(2)      Persuasion techniques, how to get things done your way and finally

(3)      Integrative bargaining, meaning, how to get your work done along with ensuring the other party’s approval.

Sloan MIT Openware Courses on Negotiation

MIT’s Management section is offering quite a few courses on negotiation, ranging from beginners to advanced user compatibility. You will have to search in the list for ‘negotiation skills’ specifically because the list is huge. Simply press “CTRL+F” and type in ‘nego’ in find box, the view will come to the negotiation related courses easily.

Mind Tools.com; Win-win Negotiation Skills

Here you’ll find extensive tutorial on negotiation skills through a variety of methods. Furthermore, the free worksheets provided can also help retain what you’ve learning and improve your existing skills.

Manage Train Learn.com; Negotiations Tips and Tricks

This site requires a signup and login after which you get free access to a number of articles and guides on negotiation skills covering a variety of topics. Each article does a breakdown of a topic and presents it in simple words with real life examples and working solutions.

Sales Training and Results.com; Negotiation Skills

This course is designed from a seller/buyer point of view discussing the many aspects of negotiations involved and how to ensure a smooth process and running. You learn to perceive the other person, develop an image and idea and then proceed accordingly using the tools and tricks you have learnt with proper implementation.

Negotiation Skills.org; Subscription for Negotiation Skills Downloads

Signing up with this site will add you to their mailing list and you will receive their free downloadable courses on negotiation skills. You will learn of the rules of negotiation, what happens when you don’t follow them, how to deal with issues and be on the winning side of any deal or negotiation.

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