Events are coming up every now and then. A perfect time to get creative, and even more with these free online courses for event decorations which are sure to leave your guests spellbound.

Event Pro

This website contains videos and how-to’s on event decoration. You learn how to make drapes in different styles, arrangements, floral decorations and a lot more. You can also sign up for their free e-book on wedding decorations.

Special; décor tips and how-to’s

Special Events is an event management company and has published a guide on their website as well. You learn how to manage space and get the right decorations, how to make do with what you have for maximum impact and a lot more. Seating arrangements, table decorations and so on.

Decorating; Classes and tutorials

A compilation of all the decoration methods and ways, here you can find courses from basic simple decorations to complex complete room redesigning to appropriate themes. You can download the tutorials and the ideas which comes with pictures so you can see to what suits you.; DIYs and Tutorials

Here you’ll find a list of the most favorite and famously used decoration ideas which apply to almost any event. You can see pictures of these ideas implemented and get tutorials so you know how to use these ideas for your events.

Wedding Flowers and reception; Tutorials and DIYs

This website is dedicated to wedding events and their decorations. However, the flower arrangements, bouquet designs and receptions decorations can also be used in a variety of other events. So go ahead and learn a thing or two from the tutorials this website has to offer.

Style Me; Wedding Resources and Event Decoration

Event decorating using flowers in a hundred ways. Here’s where to learn them. You learn flower arrangements, placements and a lot more. Furthermore, you can also check out their complete event ideas section for décor ideas other than for flowers; Design 101

Another spectacular website containing lists and lists of event decoration tutorials for you to easily carry out. The step by step procedure in making stuff makes it further easy to implement. The pictures help you get an idea of the color tones and themes.

Martha; Party ideas and DIYs

An enthusiast website, here you’ll find not only event decoration tips but also ideas to use elsewhere. You’ll find DIYs which can be used in a variety of events incorporating different techniques.

MIT Open Learning; Principles of Design

This is a professional course offered by MIT on interior design and covers all the basics on event decorating. You learn to develop a keen eye for detail and spot out flaws and get better at utilizing spaces with the best decoration techniques.

The Open University; Design Thinking

Another course on designing, here you learn how to express your views on designing and decorating. This will help you make better plans and strategies when thinking of ideas to implement in event decorations.

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