Successfully managing and guiding a team through any project is no easy feat. A hundred factors loom in to affect and usually disrupt a smooth sailing. Managers need to think on their feet and be ready for anything. Here are some courses to provide you with the skills to be that well-equipped leader and/or team player who guides the team to success.; Free Diploma in Project Management is a well known free online course provider. Here it has a complete diploma on project management. The diploma covers usage of different management tools such as GANTT charts, PERT diagrams, and graphics and so on. Different mediums are discussed along with planning.

Project; Free Project Managing Training Videos

As the name of the site would suggest, this site is all about project management and its many aspects. It has a huge collection of free videos on different topics such as what makes a project run smooth, things to avoid, tips to remember, methods to implement and so on.

Project Management Course

This site, named project management, provides you with an online course. The course is divided into different parts same as a project’s different stages. You learn of different concepts, stages, the planning involved, implementing controls, managing conflicts and so on.; Project Management Course

Here you will learn how to address the requirements and different objectives of projects with the available means and resources. You learn of different styles of management, the ways to apply the skills you learn as well as learning new skills such as better communication, keeping check and balance and much more.

Effective Project Management

This course by Global Mindset introduces you to the four main phases of managing any project. You learn of the factors which affect the outcome of a project and how they can be influenced and put to good use for the best results.

Team Work Challenges – Project Management and Coordination

In this course you’ll learn how to coordinate with fellow project members and how to fully focus on a project for the best outcomes. You learn of different possible conflicts which arise among team members and how a resolution for them can be reached. These skills can be applied in numerous scenarios.

Project Performance Management

This course delves into the art of employee management and their performance. You learn of different methods which can be applied to improve their performance along with diversifying their skills. Their better performance ultimately leads to a positive result for the project itself.

Project Management Lessons

This youtube video shows you a live webinar on project management. It covers different strategies adopted by professionals to take forward a project with confidence and a bright outcome. Professional advice is given and tidbits from their experience are shared.

Project Management Webinars

Project has a highly informative collection of webinars on the different topics in project management. The webinars are in text format along with graphics which make it quite an interactive and fun learning experience.

Project Management Course

The HRA Consulting firm provides you with this free project management course. It is based on more than 10 chapters with each chapter covering the sub-topics of a major point. You can save the pages as a whole and view the data offline as well.

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