Ceramic art dates back to times such as the 4th Millennium. The Egyptians, the Greeks, Romans; pretty much everyone has contributed to this form of art in one way or the other. Ceramic painting

Pottery on the wheel.com

A complete pottery guide, here you’ll find detailed descriptions on the different techniques involved in ceramic painting. Visit this link to go straight to painting section. It explains the painting and glazing process. After this you can check the next lesson which explains different glazing methods.

Ceramic arts.edu

This is a site dedicated to ceramic works and art. You’ll find detailed instructions on painting different designs on ceramics. Be it intricate teapots or simple stripes and other basic designs, this site has it all. Apart from step by step instructions you’ll also find downloadable assignments which you can complete to further improve on your skills.

Ceramic painting tutorials; Pin Interest & techniques

Pin Interest is a well known photo sharing site. However rather than a disorganized picture gallery, you’ll find properly labeled ‘collections’ each containing ideas and tutorials on different types of ceramic painting styles.

Pottery Magic.com

A truly professional site, pottery magic has a huge collection of pin point methods, techniques and other tips and tricks as well as detailed and illustrated lessons on ceramic art. This particular link will redirect you to ‘bisque painting’ lessons. Go through the complete list at the top of the site.

Ceramic Arts Daily.com

A site dedicated to the designing and beautification of ceramic works. The list of lessons on ceramic art are endless with each lesson have detailed instructions in a step by step fashion along with easy to understand illustrations. The explanatory text is well written and motivates one to design even better.

Ehow.com; Ceramic painting techniques

Ehow.com is well reputed online lessons and courses site. It has a great section on ceramic painting and the different techniques involved. You learn about detailing, how to prepare an object for painting, about the different types of paints to use and a lot more.

Squidoo.com; ceramic painting for beginners and pros

Although the collection of techniques and lessons for ceramic painting on this site are in abundance, it’ll take a little practice getting used to navigating around if you aren’t familiar with the way links are placed in sites. However once you’re done with this basic course, head over to the advanced section.

Wiki-How.com; Ceramic painting for beginners & Ceramic Painting E-Book

Wiki-how.com is the ultimate authority for a general overview of pretty much anything. However rather than a general overview, they have an excellent page on ceramic painting. Covering everything on the topic, it gives perfect beginning tips.

Pottery painting; About.com

Painting on pottery requires ceramic paints and this is what about.com discusses in its lessons on this page. You learn of different under glazes used, the types of paints and which is appropriate for each situation and so on. View the related topics as well at the end of this lesson.

Streamers.com & Pottery Ideas

The first site is a little advanced and gives lessons on the different techniques available for ceramic painting.

The second site contains tutorials with step by step instructions on painting different complex ceramic projects.

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