A website, for many businesses, especially online retail stores, is all there is to represent it. This applies completely for cases such as facebook.com, youtube.com, google.com and many more. Apart from purely online based functions we have retail stores such as Amazon.com, Ebay.com, and then there is PayPal.com for online payments.

The list goes on and on. Proper website development is crucial not only to form a good impression but also to continuously evolve and keep up with the fast paced changes in the online world. Take some of the courses below to improve your website development skills.

Web Development and it’s many components; About.com

About.com has a complete course on web development. A broad term as this may be, this course breaks it down neatly into its different aspects making learning a breeze. Examples of topics include designing, coding, optimization and so on.

Web development tutorials; KDMC Berkeley

Refer to this list of tutorials compiled by KDMC Berkeley for all your web development needs. They cover the basic, startup and also the running procedures undertaken in a website. Simply click on a link to be directed to its page and start taking the tutorial.

Introduction to web design; Open Michigan Courses

Websites have three main aspects. One is the design; another is the content itself and last but not least comes optimization. Content is something which writers specialize in. Design therefore is what a developer should be well versed with. This course provides the lessons for that as well as covering different coding languages.

Free Video Lectures on Web design

Check out this site for video lessons on web development and the different processes involved.

Web design; Home and Learn.co.uk

Although the name of the course is Web Design, this course is all encompassing for web development. Excellently organized topics and lessons along with comprehensiveness make this a very viable course to take indeed. It comprises of 11 sections in total.

The king of web design; W3schools.com

W3schools.com is considered the website when you want to get help on web design. In addition to a multitude of lessons, tutorials and even member comments and discussions, W3schools maintains a large archive of different topics on web development.

Code Academy.com

Covering almost all that you’d be needing to know about coding, this site provides great learning experiences of knowledge which you can easily reuse in the practical world.

Web Designs TUTS; Tutsplus.com

A huge archive of tutorials on different aspects of web development awaits you at this site. You can browse through the different categories and get started easily. Note that this helps more when you have taken the intro courses first.

CSS Tips and Tricks; CSStricks.com

A blog, videos, lessons, step by step tutorials; this site has it all when it comes to CSS. You will greatly implement your knowledge from this site and get better at your CSS projects.

Web development forum; Stackoverflow.com

The ultimate forum for all your web development related questions. Once you’re working on websites you’ll come across things not covered in courses. This is the place to ask those questions.

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