As the words info and graphics suggest, it is the presentation of information using visual aid. It could mean presenting data through use of graphs, implying using bars, charts, histogram and sorts to convey the information at one glance. It is ideal for getting across numerical or statistical data as easily and as simple as possible.

To get your head around this concept and excel at it, following are the options you can explore:

  1. Data Visualization Fundamentals by Bill Shander

His course is one really comprehensive one, starting from scratch and building your expertise along the way. It encompasses all the things you would need to know for visualizing your data in the best possible way with respect to the nature of data.

  1. Create infographic with Mike Wirth

He himself is a famous person in infographics world and is truly exceptional in this field. His tutorials and guides are not only understandable, but they strengthen the base of a beginner in a way that the advance courses do not seem much of a problem. I recommend you go for his courses!

  1. Infographics Fundamentals by Amy Balliett

Her course is not long and yet covers the topic very effectively. BY the end of it, you will be able enough to formulate infographics that not only make you look like a professional, but your presentation would speak a lot in itself!

  1. Crash course in Infographics

This is a pretty comprehensive guide to making exceptional and appealing infographics. From the very definition of infographics to the most complex ideas of presenting ideas, this book will guide you through everything you need to know about it.

  1. Introduction to Infographics & Data Visualization Course

They have some really good tutorial videos, with detailed step-by-step guide as to how you can visualize your data in the best way possible. This is the place where not only will intermediary designers learn their skills, but beginners will develop a keen understanding of infographics fundamentals as well.

  1. Creating Infographics even if you are not a designer

This site informs you of the most user-friendly and convenient sites for you to opt for making infographics. Moreover, it guides you through the important things that you should not miss while designing infographics.

  1. Creating infographics with Piktochart

They have number of professionals helping you with creating best of the best visual of your data. They also have different templates for you to choose from and even customize your own too!


  1. The art of creating Infographics with Dana Malstaff

She has amazing tutorials to going about infographics, telling which would be the best for respective information.

  1. Designing an infographic with Nigel French

This one of the most precise, yet complete guides on coming up with excellent visualization of one’s data. She has wonderfully explained each step that needs to considered in making an exceptional infographic.

  1. Creating infographics by Mordy Golding

He has beautifully guided in his tutorial through the steps involved with making some outstanding infographics using Illustrator. In his tutorial, not only will you learn to use Illustrator, but also the art of excelling at designing infographics using it.

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