Butter cream is a fluffy mixture made by mixing together icing sugar and soft butter. It is used mainly as a topping or filling for cakes and other baked goods. You too can be creative with it using the sources listed below:

  1. DIY Perfect Buttercream frosting by Hanna Brooks Olsen

In this blog, Lucinda’s recipe is shared which is the most simple and easy to execute out there. You can scroll down and follow more links to gain insight on how to decorate baked good using butter cream frosting.

  1. Basic Butter cream icing at The Cake Blog

A printable, easy to execute recipe you are sure to love is available on this blog! This recipe also calls for a hint of sugar in the rather traditional recipe so give it a try if you want to keep away from the regular!

  1. Buttercream Icing Decorating at Queen

Queen Buttercream icing mix can be bought off the store. What you will find on its site are various tips and tricks for storage and how to-s of using buttercream in ways other than just for icing!

  1. American Buttercream with Sugared Productions
    With all the right quantities of ingredients stated, and the entire procedure of execution, you can make just the perfect buttercream icing for your cake! This also a video tutorial to help you understand how exactly steps are supposed to take place.
  2. Basic Buttercream at Martha Stewart
    A scrumptious recipe to a spot-on buttercream is what you will find here. They say it goes with their mini chocolate cupcake, brownie heart cupcakes edible-flower cupcakes and edible frosting. So, they are like cherry on the cake!
  3. Using Buttercream at Designer Cakes|
    Here you will a video tutorial to cover your cake with buttercream flawlessly! You will be amazed to see the finesse with which you can learn to ice a cake with buttercream in this video. Follow this video just as it is, and you too can get a cake looking so effortless!
  4. Buttercream Basics with Chef Alan Tetreault
    A couple of video tutorials from a pastry chef, guiding you through each step of making use of buttercream in the best ways. It starts off with the basics, implying making of buttercream initially.
  5. Basic Buttercream with Krissy’s Creations
    Here you will find recipe and step-by-step instructions to making a delicious buttercream icing that you can use to decorate cakes, cupcakes or other desserts as per your choice! Scrolling down, you will realize why this recipe is like the perfect one to use for the times to come!
  6. Buttercream Techniques at My Cake School
    Tutorials to various kind of buttercream frosting techniques is what you will find here. Over here, you will learn astonishing and creative ways to make use of buttercream to make your cake look scrumptious and mouthwatering. Their descriptive instructions make the work easier to do as well!
  7. Basic Buttercream Frosting at The Kitchn
    This is for the beginners. Here is the recipe to making simplest of the buttercream. The most straightforward and easy-to-follow recipe. If you master this recipe, you can literally do wonders adding your own personal touch to the buttercream!
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