It is always fun to play with clay! The figurines you can make out of it, the wonders you can do with it are just limitless! However, painting it and adding other details using paints is a bit tricky. Things can get really messy. Clay painting is one thing, though, that children as well as adults adore! Those who are artistic, have this instinct to make astounding objects out of it.
Reflecting upon this need to do better with clay painting, we present to you, various sources where you can learn to paint clay:

  1. How to paint Terracotta pots
    This guide will enable you to add color to your garden by adding color to your pots! They will guide you from the very basic measures to ensure finesse, to other techniques that you will need to know to make them look prettier.
  2. Tips for using acrylic craft paints with polymer clay
    Using paints with polymer clay is no more tricky owing to these tips! Follow them and you will paint your polymer clay with acrylic colors with perfection!
  3. 5 tips for acrylic painting on clay
    Here are some professional tips for painting your clay with acrylic colors and adding your own personal touch to it. These tips will allow you to expand horizons in being creative with painting clay.
  4. Drying and painting non-fired clay projects
    This is a guide to clay projects that are not baked. It will take you step-by-step, down the road, adding a little more after each step to gradually enable you to paint such clay projects with perfection.
  5. How to color air dry clay
    Here is a guide, with pictures, to guide you through painting an air-dry clay. By the end of it you will find yourself an expert on painting this clay. Children in particular are more viable to teach this technique to.
  6. Painting clay pots
    Here you will find instructions to painting clay pots three ways, with the list of all the required materials. This will help you be creative with other pots you have and make them more appealing too!
  7. How to paint a clay sculpture
    This guide is YouTube video, instructing you paint clay sculptures. It also entails the materials you will be requiring so you can practice it while the video streams.
  8. DIY: marbled terracotta pots
    Here you will find instructions to one of the most creative ways to paint your pots! Nor is it only easy to do, but super fun as well! You can literally add various textures to your paints on pot using this technique.
  9. Polymer clay painting tips
    Here are a number of pointers you would want to memorize to get a perfectly painted polymer clay! In case you are not getting your painting on such clay right, you are likely to find your solution here.
  10. Clay Painting
    Here are a variety of clay projects that not only tell you how you paint them, but guide you through making them as well. You can make your own clay projects using these tutorials here very easily.
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