CRM, short for Customer Relationship management, is the term which is used to describe the processes, techniques and software involved in making better relationship with customers, maintaining the already existing one and promoting goodwill among other potential customers. It helps facilitate the feelings of loyalty in the customers and enable you to satisfy their demands. On the whole, the way you will be engaged in improving your customer service, that would come under CRM.

Following are a number of tutorials you should check out to become a pro at it:

  1. CRM for beginners

They have started with describing CRM, how it works, what advantages it holds for the organization, so on and so forth information which is essential for a beginner to learn about it. This helps making a beginner hold is foundations strong.

  1. CRM Tutorial

This is a very comprehensive tutorial, teaching you the basics and the advances of CRM. It encompasses all the necessary aspects you need to excel at for becoming a pro at it.

  1. CRM Tutorial at Tutorials point

An utterly encircling and easy-to-understand CRM tutorial awaits you here. It discusses all the important aspects of CRM in great length, keeping in mind all the small, but necessary information you would need to know for mastering this skill.

  1. CRM Tutorial at iport Instant

This discusses the kinds of software you can use for CRM and how you can use them. It starts off with the very basics, forming the foundations of the learner, gradually revealing more sophisticated aspects of CRM to him.

  1. Beginner’s guide for CRM users

Here is a slideshow in which CRM using software is discussed. It attends to the needs of people who struggle with adjusting to CRM software. It is a very good guidance to combat this problem.

  1. SAP CRM Training

You will learn CRM using SAP in this tutorial. It deals with all that you need to know about CRM and SAP to use them manage customers’ relations. It guides you on all the features it entails for making CRM an easy experience.

  1. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Video Tutorials

Here you will find solutions to 5 most popular Microsoft Dynamics problems. They have video tutorials guiding you through the problem-solving mechanism, and enabling you to become an expert at it.

  1. SAGE CRM Tutorial

SAGE is another CRM software and for those who are opting for it, here is the perfect guide. It literally encompasses the minutest of details to deal with this software to manage your customers’ relations. You will find it super easy to use SAGE after learning from this tutorial.

  1. Video Tutorials for Leapfrog CRM

They have video tutorials addressing different aspects and features of Leapfrog CRM, making it easier for you to handle it. You can learn anything you need to about it from these tutorial videos.


These are video tutorials by the expert himself, guiding you through each step of using CIDOC as a CRM software. You will strengthen your foundations in the few videos first and then learn expert details about CRM and CIDOC in later ones.

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