Fondant is used to decorate cakes. It adds to the sweetness and the outlook of cake in every way you think of! Mastering the art of fondant making and then adding structure to a cake with it is something which is growing rapidly these days. You can make your cake look even more scrumptious and appealing using fondant.

Before that, let us look at how we can master making a perfect fondant using the information in listen resources:

  1. How to make fondant at BHG

There is a video tutorial along with written step-by-step measures to making a fondant. For a beginner, this is the best guidance. Instructions are very clear on each of the step, with all the little details that you would want to know.

  1. Marshmallow Fondant Icing Recipe

Marshmallow fondants are easy to make, but can be super tricky. Here is the tutorial to making a perfect marshmallow fondant, along with techniques to wrap it around a cake. You would literally want to eat it all along the way you make it!

  1. Making a fondant cake

This is a very good guide on making a fondant cake, encompassing all the minor details that you will need to pay attention to for making a perfect one! It has picture illustrations for better understanding as well.

  1. Basic Fondant Cake

This is a guide to assembling a cake with fondant for those who are using it for the first time. It mentions all the essential tools that you will be using and also guides on the little tips that will make your cake even better!

  1. Covering a cake with fondant

This is a Youtube video for beginners who are looking for the right guidance to covering cake with fondant. The instructor will gradually take you down the road to perfectly covering a cake with fondant, mentioning all the handy in tips along the way.

  1. Making your own fondant

This is recipe to one of the yummiest fondants that you can make at home with perfection, using low quality ingredients! It is economical, as well as delicious!

  1. How to make Fondant

Here is a 10-step tutorial to making a scrumptious fondant, which you can use to decorate a cake with! Steps are easy to follow and would even enable the first timer to end up with a perfect fondant!

  1. Tutorials on Cake Central

You will find most creative ideas for decorating a cake with fondant here! From using fondant to decorating a cupcake, to a whole, large cake, there are tutorials on different roads that you can take.

  1. How to Fondant a Cake on WikiHHow

It guides you through a series of comprehensive steps to covering your cake with fondant. It makes use of pictures to clearly indicate how your cake should look after a certain step. It is ideal for beginners.

  1. How to Make Fondant

Here is another video showing you how to make fondant. The measures are easy to follow and guidelines have been given very clearly. You should get a really good, smooth fondant following this recipe.

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