Ever saw your grandparents making use of herbs and other plants for making medicines or other healing purposes? Well, that is called herbalism! Another word for it is herbology, where you study botany for this purpose. Taking into account all the side-effects pharmaceutical medicines have today, it seems viable to go back to these ancient techniques. Oils, tea, salves and balms are just other things you make using herbs.

Let’s look at a couple of home remedies that you can try out for making use of herbs.

  1. Make your own remedies

This blog offers you remedies to using different herbs for making products such as massage oil, herbal tea, herbal tincture and many more! If you are a herb-freak, ingredients for these would not be hard for you to find.

  1. Herbalism Basics

Here are a couple of YouTube videos that start with introduction of herbalism and different kinds of herbs there are, to discussing recipes for a few remedies you can make put using them. Instructions are very clear and easy to understand with these tutorials.

  1. Make you own herbal medicines

Here you will find recipes to some really good herbal products you can make at your home. It also discusses uses and benefits of different herbs, which will enable you to make best choices of herbs for one remedy, depending upon your needs.

  1. DIY: How to store and make your own herbal remedies

You will find all the information regarding storing these remedies here. Making them is another part that they cover. It makes clear what herb is to be stored what way and the possible infusions you can make with it. Towards the end, you will also find recipes to other herbal remedies.

  1. Homegrown herbal remedies

They have discussed herbal remedies using herbs that you can easily grow at your place. Along with some vital information about the herbs, they also inform you of the ways you can use them to make herbal products in a very easy-to-follow way.

  1. Making Medicine at home

This strictly deals with the possible medicines that you can make at home using certain herbs. They have medicines categorized for further ease, like they have medicinal remedies according to the herbs themselves and according to their based, implying water-based, oil-base or spirit-based.

  1. Grandma’s medicinal teas, recipes and health benefits guide

If you are looking for best medicinal teas made using herbs, this is the perfect place to look for them! Not only will you find their recipes here, but they also talk about all the benefits you will have from their consumption.

  1. Medicinal plants and herbal remedies for beginners

This will guide the newcomers through different herbs and their uses. The remedies they have provided are the best to start off with, for those who are knew to this field.

  1. Annie’s remedy – Herbs for self-healing

She has alphabetically categorized all the herbs there are, informing you regarding the related remedies for each.

  1. 10 best healing herbs

Here is a list of 10 most effective herbs to deal with certain illnesses. This is very useful to take care of oneself using natural herbs in an attempt to look for cure for these diseases.

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