As the words suggest, knitting done by mechanical means is called machine knitting. Though it is a much-outdated fashion now, there still are people who like wearing machine knitted fabric! The patterns and design that you can make using a knitting machine are unparalleled to any other in classiness and being vintage. Even today you will find experts how are selling their expertise in an attempt to make this art survive.

For a better understanding of this matter, you should visit the following resources and see how this works:

  1. Machine Knitting with Diana Sullivan

She is a pro at machine knitting and her Youtube video tutorials are the best way for her admirers to learn the skills from her. She guides through various patterns and proper use of machine depending upon the style of the end product.

  1. Free machine knitting tutorials at Knit It Now

Starting from the basics of machine knitting, to the very advance techniques involved in it, they have various tutorials in between as well. They will tell you about the best yarn to use, the know-how of machines and just everything you need to know to get a perfectly knitted fabric.

  1. Hand-manipulated stitches for Machine Knitters with Susan Guagliumi

Here you will find every detail about respective pattern with precision and accuracy! She has mentioned perfect details you would need to know in order to get the respected pattern. She has guided on a number of stitches that are hard to excel otherwise.

  1. Machine knit fan lace

This a youtube video in 5 modules, instructing to make a fan lace using a knitting machine. The instructor has given very clear instructions and anyone with a knitting machine can easily get this made.

  1. Machine Knitting a sock

This guide could prove very economical if you have a knitting machine! There are instructions to knitting a sock of your desire with accurate details, focusing on all the important information one would want to know to nail knitting the sock!

  1. Knitting Patterns

Here are a number of patterns whose knitting instructions you can access very easily. They are suitable for every kind of knitting machine.

  1. Machine Knitting

Here you will find all the information you need to know about machine knitting, ranging from the yarn type to the stitches to the patterns. They have very comprehensive information about every detail you would need to know to learn perfect machine knitting.

  1. Machine Knitting/ Pattern Knitting

Here they have a variety of pattern knitting guidelines and all the necessary know-how about each. This is best for beginners and even mediocre.

  1. Patterns at Cardiknits Inc

A wide variety of patterns that you can access for knowing their knitting instructions. There are classy, simple and even most complex of patterns instructions here. This is the best place to be for those who are looking for a variation in their knitting patterns.

  1. Knitting Machine e-books

A number of e-books with respect to different aspects of machine knitting are available here. There are instruction books to home machine knitting and other books regarding patterns here.

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