As the word suggests, it is the skill of going through a text quickly. There are many of us who struggle with reading because it takes us a lot of time. While others, turn pages so hastily we are left wondering if they are actually comprehending anything. Well, they do! This is the art they excel at, called speed reading. You can improve your reading skills and become a speed reader too. All you have to do is take help form the courses and tutorials listed below:

  1. Speed Reading Fundamentals at Lynda

They have a free trial for the course. The instructor is a professional who will guide you through the process exceptionally well. There are practice exercises to ensure you are learning as well.

  1. How to Speed read and comprehend at Hack My Study

Here they have an amazingly educational guide to how you can adopt this skill. They will take you through step-by-step measures, telling you the does and don’ts along the way.

  1. Learning to read more efficiently at Mind Tools

They have a video tutorial along with written text, stating all the essentials you would want to incorporate in your reading habits to become a speed reader. They also state why you would want to speed read and guide you along the way in an incredible manner.

  1. How to learn Speed Reading

This a three-part course, instructing you how to develop the skills of speed reading. You will find yourself able enough to read through texts hastily by the end of this course.

  1. ReadSpeeder

It is a software that will help you read faster. It is an exceptionally good course, providing you with material to practice the skill and guiding you along the way as well.

  1. Free speed reading course at Iris Reading

Five parts Youtube videos, brushing your reading skills and enabling you to read faster and comprehend more. They have focused on the basics of speed reading and all the essentials that one would want to know to develop this skill in oneself.

  1. Speed reading and accelerated learning

This is a 20-minute exercise by the end of which, you would be well-equipped with the ability of speed reading. They will be providing you guidance throughout the exercise, instilling the important aspects you will have to consider while reading a text quickly.

  1. The Truth about Speed reading

This a very good guide, encompassing everything you would want to know about speed reading: ranging from what it is to how you can go about it to the softwares that will help you manage your reading skills

  1. Mr Kent

This as an online app that will help you enhance your reading abilities and make you read in speed, while grasping everything you need to know from the read.

  1. Tools for speed reading at Live Your Legend

They have listed 6 free tools that you will need to use to learn the art of speed reading. They are some really good ones and best for both, beginners and those who wish to brush their existing skills.

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