For many of the people all around the world, paper jewelry is a sort of hobby. That is the reason we are going to discuss about 10 free online sources from where you can learn the art of paper of jewelry making.

For paper jewelry making projects, this is one of the best sites because you can learn a wide range of paper jewelry artworks completely free. On this website, you will find both video tutorials along with written how to articles. On the left side of this site, you will find the following projects:

  • Bracelet Projects
  • Ring Projects
  • Beginner projects
  • Earring projects and many more.

This website comes with varied sorts of jewelry making projects, tutorials and ideas. The good thing about this site is that it is designed maintaining the alphabetical order so that it can be more user friendly. Additionally, this site also offers e-books related to jewelry making which you can download in your computer without spending any penny.

This website is mainly designed to teach you about how to make the paper beads jewelry. With the help of useful images this website has tried their best to describe the whole procedure in the easiest way.

This website can be regarded as the best source from where you can learn about paper jewelry making. There are different categories from which you can choose the one that you want to learn. On the navigation of the site, there is Jewelry making bar. You just need to click on that box in order to start.

This site offers about 40+ free jewelry online classes for you. From those courses, you can easily become a master of the paper jewelry artwork.

In order to learn paper jewelry making artwork, you can take help from this site because this website offers video tutorials on how to make paper jewelry.

This website actually helps you to get a start about how to make paper jewelry because you will find the basics about paper jewelry from this site.

This is an ideal website for learning how to make paper jewelry artwork. There are lots of videos and tutorials about making paper jewelries. At the same time, you will also find the proper guidelines about different tools which are needed to make jewelry.

Although this website is basically a retailing website which deals with gemstones, but you will find a wide range of tutorials about how to make paper jewelries on this site. The step by step procedures are clearly explained on this site so that you can start with the basics of how to make paper jewelry sitting at your place.

Pictures work better than normal words when it is time to learn something new. For beginners, this website has tried to explain all the steps of paper jewelry making with the help of attaching appropriate images. You will find the images very helpful while learning about making paper jewelry.

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