Reflecting upon the ever-increasing population, managing data for such a large number of people is difficult. Big data refers to computed managing of utterly large amounts of data, that can then be used for interpretations open to learning trends, patterns and associations. They are mostly for human behavior and interactions. Managing and analyzing such huge amounts of data can be tricky and requires a lot of expertise as well. In order to help you develop the required knowledge and skills, following are the sources you should go for.

  1. Cloudera Essentials for Apache Hadoop
    Hadoop being one of the most widely used big data programs, you will find everything you need to work with it here. It uses videos starting from Hadoop’s introduction to all the uses you can make of it for going about handling big data.
  2. Big Data and Hadoop Essentials
    Here you will get clearer on the idea of Big Data and its solution, Hadoop. You will learn everything about big data and how Hadoop can help you manage it, go about it and make use of it in any way possible.
  3. Big Data Hadoop Online Training
    There are a variety of courses here that go in a sequence, enabling you to understand the very basics of big data, to making use of Hadoop and all the encompassing features it uses.
  4. Big Data Basics at Udemy
    This is a free online course, that will teach you the fundamentals of bid data and Hadoop in an hour. It is perfect for beginners as it encircles all the vital information one needs to know to build their foundations of the very concept.
  5. Introduction to Apache Spark
    It is an online course that will help you learn how to use Spark for cluster-computing. You will go about learning about the very program itself, to making use of it for managing large amounts of data.
  6. Analyzing big data with Microsoft R Server
    This is perfect for people wishing to learn managing big data particularly in academia, for data processing and statistical analysis. You will get to learn about programming language R and how you can use it to achieve your desired purpose concerning with big data.
  7. Biostatistics with Big Data Applications
    You will get to learn about R Programming software package here, along with all the basic terms and concepts you need to know regarding statistics and biostatistics with respect to omics and population health research.
  8. Introduction to Data Analysis using R
    For beginners to R and data analysis, this is the perfect place to be as it will build their concepts about R and how one can use it to manipulate and analyze extremely large data.
  9. Big Data Analytics – Demos
    Here, you will learn about use of big data at work. Basically, the practical implication it poses and its importance in daily life, using different demonstrations, is what you should expect here.
  10. Data Mining
    This an open MIT course which will deal with methods used in managing and manipulating data in practical field of works. It will make use of easy-to-use software and cases to go about the course and to make you understand the fundamentals.
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