With ever growing competition in corporate world and all the tons of data to deal with, it is inevitable that advancements would be made to take care of all these things. Techniques and tools that are employed to turn a firm’s raw data, into meaningful, open to interpretation and analytic data are what come under business intelligence. It helps coop with the dynamic business world and stay competitive in the market. Following resource will make the concept clearer.

  1. Getting started with Business Intelligence for small businesses
    With seven practical and comprehensive tips mentioned here, incorporating business intelligence tools into small business is much easier. They have talked through the best ways a small business can benefit from this phenomenon.
  2. What is Business Intelligence
    For people who need much better understanding of the concept, this is the perfect place to be at. They have dealt with its existence very well, making sure the essence and its purpose is clear to the readers.
  3. Business Intelligence Definition and Solutions
    This is an article that will not only strengthen your basis for business intelligence, but will instill the very concept and purpose it poses in your understanding. From the fundamentals of the concept, to its practical application, it covers all things.
  4. Why do I need Business Intelligence Solutions
    Often people hesitate going for these techniques, but going through this, they will know what exactly they have to do next! It encompasses all the possible implications business intelligence might have on your business.
  5. Benefits of Business Intelligence
    They have presented with its flowery side so well, that you will have to opt for it once you are done getting acquainted with the 10 most beneficial aspects of having business intelligence at your work place.
  6. Learn Power BI Basics
    It is a lecture-based course, enabling you to learn to use Power BI as one of the tools for business intelligence. It is spread over 7 lectures, dealing with 13 different aspects for you to excel at so that you find and visualize your data and share you new discoveries in a new way.
  7. Exploring and Producing Data for Business Decision Making
    A 4-week course, gradually taking you through measures and knowledge essential for coming up with an analytical framework to evaluate key problems, and better management of uncertainties. You will learn using videos, readings and quizzes.
  8. Business Intelligence concepts, tools and applications
    A 5-week course that will equip you with knowledge and understanding of the concept of business intelligence, to the tools it has to offer and its applications in real world.
  9. Business Intelligence
    It is a self-paced course, with 5 different modules and a test at the end to evaluate everything you would learn in the course. From the fundamentals of business intelligence, to the trends there are, you will learn everything you need to!
  10. Business Intelligence and Knowledge management systems
    In this course, you will be able to learn the contents of the two concepts, enabling you to become better decision-maker and manager of large sums of data for meaningful and analytical purposes by the end of it
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