Considering the fact that catalog carries information regarding the data set, including the details of the data present, its location and other important info target audience might want to know, it is important that it is designed accordingly. Catalog design plays a major role in marketing and getting your product across the market audience effectively. Therefore, it is very essential to know how to make it as appealing as possible. In order to help you get better at it, we have put together a number of sources.

  1. Data Merge InDesign Tutorial
    It is a comprehensive tutorial to using data merge in InDesign software for making and designing a catalog. It makes use of text as well as pictures to make each step clear to you.
  2. Secrets to designing a great printed catalog
    Getting an insight into the secrets, you can make your own amazing printed catalogs! You will get to know of information here which will help you overcome major setbacks that you might face while making an effective catalog design.
  3. Creating a successful Catalog Design
    They start off by telling you why is there a need to create a catalog design that is successful, to informing you of the ways you can achieve that success while creating it.
  4. 10 Catalog Marketing and Designing Tips
    Excelling these tips would ensure that you are finished with an excellent and an appealing catalog. They focus on the importance of design of the catalog, equipping you with key information you would need with that regard.
  5. How to make a Product Catalog
    Since you are informing your potential consumers about your product in the catalog, this tutorial makes uses of pictures and texts to guide you through making a product catalog of your own!
  6. Brochure Design
    A lesser form of a catalog is brochure and it is likewise important to get it right. Hence, you will find 10 top creative tips to acing your brochure and making it attractive for the consumers.
  7. Designing a Brochure
    Since it is not really easy to make a captivating brochure, here are 11 comprehensive steps for you to end up with a fascinating brochure! You will be taken very gradually from one step, to another with the help of text and pictures.
  8. Rules of good catalog design
    If you are clear about these rules, and follow them while designing a catalog, there would be no way that you do not succeed at it. It discusses the 10 essential rules you need to mind when wishing to design a good catalog.
  9. Catalog Tips & Tricks
    For those who struggle with coming up with an enchanting catalog, you will find ample information here to correct your mistakes It answers all the basic questions one needs to know answers to for coming up with a comprehensive catalog.
  10. Catalog Design Tutorial
    A YouTube video tutorial, guiding you very precisely, yet comprehensively to making a catalog design. Following the measures in the tutorial, you will end up with an amazingly designed catalog!
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