Considering the ever-growing inputs and data these days, need to deal with them and make use of them is increasingly complex as well. Data science uses different methods from various fields such as that of statistics, mathematics, information science, and data mining among many others to analyze the data in question and get an insight from data in various forms. Given the large and complex amounts of data at hands of analysts today, data science has become a vibrant field. Let us how we can go about it:

  1. Learn Data Science online
    It has variety of courses for you to choose from and start the learning for data science in accordance with your ease. You have options for Python and R. They will take you from the very basics of each to their vast uses in data sciences.
  2. Data Analysis and Statistical Inference
    It is an 8-lab course, which will commence with the introduction to R for handling data and the data itself, to different models that can be used for manipulating the data at hand.
  3. Statistics and R
    A Harvard University course that deals with basic statistical concepts and R programming skills that are essential to get an insight into data in life sciences. You will learn the use of statistics inference with R programming language in this course.
  4. Implementing Real-Time analysis with Hadoop in Azure HDInsight
    It is a four-week course, that you can take on your own pace, and learn how to implement low-latency and streaming Big Data solutions using Hadoop technologies. It is recommended to people who have prior foundations in this field.
  5. Data, Analytics and Learning
    In this course, you will learn different methods to analyzing and making use of data to improve on teaching and learning methodologies. You will learn the implications of data analysis in practical fields of life and how decisions are affected by it.
  6. Data Science Essentials
    It is an intermediate course from Microsoft, in which you will get to learn different processes of data science, including data exploration and visualization, all this using a combination of R, Python, Microsoft Azur Machine Learning.
  7. Statistical Thinking and Data Analysis
    If you are not really a pro at making use of statistics in analyzing data, this is the perfect course for you. It is an MIT course that deals with various statistical models in helping one evaluate data in question.
  8. Applied Data Science: An introduction
    A Syracuse University course that will teach you the fundamentals of data science in practical world, and all the models and processes at are involved in it.
  9. Intro to Data Science
    If you are interested in becoming a pro data scientist, this is the course to begin with! You will start from the scratch and gradually learn from all the basics to all the advances in this field over here.
  10. Data Science Tutorial
    You will find a list of different tools to get started with data science here, including those using R, Spark R and Cassandra. You can choose according to your own level of comfort, and learn the use of data science professionally.
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