Children love playing with dolls! But yes, they often lose it and it can be really costly to buy them one every now and then. Now, you can make a variety of playable dolls for your children right at home! You will get all the materials right at home, and with just the right instructions, you can make them with proficiency. Following are the tutorials for making cloth dolls:

  1. The Mermaid Doll
    A very comprehensive tutorial to making a mermaid doll! You will get all the necessary information to making this doll here, and if you scroll down, you can also get a link to the pattern pieces!
  2. Life-size baby doll
    If you want a life-sized baby doll for your kids to play with, you probably want to sew this one out for them. It has instructions for the materials and each part of it separately, for your convenience to make it with ease.
  3. Basic Doll
    To start with the very basics of dolls, you would want to try out this tutorial. It will guide you to making the simplest of doll, to first excel at it so that you can learn advances of the art later! All the instructions are divided into different categories so that you can learn each step well.
  4. Girl and Boy Fabric Dolls
    Here is a tutorial for making dolls for both, girls and boys! It has patterns for you to get a clear idea as well and goes on with guiding you how to sew each of the pieces to get to the final product.
  5. Two-sided Kokeshi Panel Doll
    This is a super easy tutorial to follow for making two-sided kokeshi dolls, that will help fill your kid’s room with dolls! You will find the patterns and all the necessary instructions to making it right here only.
  6. Fashion Doll
    Here is tutorial for making dolls with exchangeable clothes! The patterns to making the body and clothes can all be easy found here. In fact, the dolls can change hair too!
  7. Mini Doll Making
    Starting from all the materials you will be needing, to all the right instructions for making a doll, you will find everything here. Following this tutorial, you will end up with an adorable mini doll which your kids will totally love!
  8. Making Dolls
    Here you will find instructions to making dolls from a professional. You will learn from the very basic of making dolls, the materials you will require, to the decoration of a doll and to the sewing of clothes after you are done making it!
  9. Santa and Angel Doll Patterns
    If your kids adore Santa, you might want to check these patterns out to make them something they will cherish forever! It has list of all the steps and the materials you will need to know about.
  10. Sewing Dolls
    It has all the minor information you will need to know to excel at this art. The material, patterns, sewing patterns, decorating and all the other tips that will enable you to make a perfect doll!
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