Developing your writing expertise and being able to compose yourself in writing is what falls under English composition. It is very necessary to master this skill to be able to make your impression on anyone, and be able to express yourself comprehensively. Resumes, thesis, essays, reports and every other kind of academic or professional aspect requires you to know this skill very well. However, many of us struggle with it. Therefore, following are the tutorials to help you build your composition skills:

  1. Adventures in Writing at Class Central
    There are 5 graphic-novel style modules here for you to develop the basic understanding of components leading you to master this skill. By the end of it, you will be an expert on the foundations of composing great writings!
  2. English 2010 – Intermediate Writing: Research writing in persuasive mode at Utah State University
    This tutorial is perfect for people looking to develop expertise in analytical and critical research writing in a manner that is convincing. It deals with all the fundamentals and other concepts that are a step ahead to make you able enough to formulate great research writings.
  3. Expository Writing: Autobiography at MIT
    People wishing to excel at writing biographies and learning all the ways of achieving that excellency are most prone to go for this course. It also has assignments for you to check your aptitude.
  4. Essay and Report Writing skills
    It deals with the very reason you would want to know how to write an essay and report, to how you can actually write them with proficiency. Tutorial goes in a linear fashion, enhancing your skills at each step.
  5. Writing and Reading the Essay
    It focuses on the importance of being able to read and then reflect that onto your own writings. You will be able to formulate essays with amazing skillfulness by the end of this course.
  6. English Composition at Arizona State University
    An 8-week course, tutored by professionals, that will help you articulate your thoughts and feelings and put them to words effectively. It will greatly help you with developing your communication skills.
  7. English Composition I at Saylor
    This is one of the most comprehensive and effective online tutorials for English composition. It not only deals with building your basic understanding of writing, but also equips you with knowledge to excel at it.
  8. Learn English Composition – Essay Writing
    A very good and comprehensive YouTube video that will enable you to learn the basics and the advances of writing an excellent essay.
  9. How to write a composition
    A three-part tutorial that will allow you to learn how to formulate a composition with respect to writing procedure. It deals with how you should start with writing one and what is to be done after you are done writing it.
  10. 7 secrets to success in English 101
    Here you will find the seven ways which will enable you to perfect English 101! It also has links to other sources that will help you further develop your related aspect. By following these secrets, you will end up writing an exemplary composition!
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