Normally, this is the word you hear when talking about telecommunication lines, or TV cable or even the internet cable. Well, as the word suggests, fiber optics has to do with thread-like structures and light. Technically speaking, this technology uses glass as thin as a hair strand to transmit signals via light energy. There is much more to it though! To learn more about fiber optics, its workings, applications and the network, you can refer to following resources:

  1. The Basics of Fiber Optic Cable
    A very comprehensive tutorial about single-mode and multi-mode fiber topics, starting from the very reasons to opt for them to the very core of their existence, while encompassing different features they have and can be used for.
  2. Fiber Optic Basics
    You will just everything you need to know about fiber optics here. They have wholly talked about the connectors, different cables and how these are made. You will get great insight into them via this tutorial.
  3. Articles on Fiber Optics
    It has a range of different topics relating to fiber optics for you to choose from. You can learn about their technical aspect, the installation and termination part, and their use in everyday life from here.
  4. Optical Networking
    It is a PDF while which will cater to your need of knowing everything about optical networking. It is best for those who have prior knowledge in this regard and want to know more complex aspects of it. You will learn a great deal about how fiber optics work when it comes to communication and networking very elaboratively from here.
  5. Learning about Fiber Optics
    You will find ample information regarding different aspects of fiber optics here, ranging from how they are made to where they are used to different cables that there are.
  6. How Fiber Optics Work
    If you interested primarily in knowing their workings, this is the perfect place to be. You will initially be told about the very basics of the cables and then you will learn how they work. They have provided with very all-inclusive information.
  7. The Fiber Optic Association, Inc
    There are a series of YouTube video here that will introduce you the basics of fiber optics then taking you gradually towards their technical components, their operations and their uses.
  8. Fiber Optics Communication tutorial
    This is for people interested in knowing about how communication takes place through fiber optic cables. It encompasses information about the cable’s development to how different kinds of cables are used for different purposes.
  9. Fiber Optic Mania
    Tutorials here are relevant to different issues pertaining to various aspects of fiber optics. You will find comprehensive tutorials to aspects like different uses of fiber optics and structure of single mode fibers for starters.
  10. Fiber Optic Tutorial
    This is perfect for beginners as they start with familiarizing with the basic concept of fiber optics, to informing you of different terminologies and then gradually exposing you to more technical aspects of it. You will learn a great deal different cables, connectors and the networking purposes of fiber optics here.
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