Economics is a branch of social science that deals with use of scarce resources to fulfill unlimited wants. When the decisions are made at an individual or an organizational level about making use of these resources, it constitutes microeconomics. Thus, implying the word micro, meaning small. The implications these decisions have on individual and societal level are also studied under this sub-branch. If you want to explore this phenomenon further, you can make use of following resources:

  1. Microeconomics by Marc Davis
    Here you will find a very comprehensive and encircling information regarding microeconomics, which will help you concretely build the concepts it holds. You will get to learn about different principles governing this field of study in great depth.
  2. Microeconomics Tutorial
    This tutorial specifically deals with one of the many principles of microeconomics, namely the cost functions. You will get to learn in great length about this principle here and then get to know of its applications as well.
  3. Microeconomics at Khan Academy
    This is the place to be for the beginners to this discipline. There are all-inclusive and elaborative video tutorials to major concepts of the field here and they will largely help the beginners to establish strong foundations.
  4. Principles of Microeconomics
    There are 26 lecture videos on principles of microeconomics here and to check for your understanding, there are a number of problem sets as well. You will find yourself an expert in this field after you are done with all these videos!
  5. Principles of Microeconomics at Saylor
    Here is an utterly descriptive and all-inclusive knowledge of this discipline, with all the key concepts you need to know about. You will also get to learn the practical application of these principles in this course.
  6. Principles of Microeconomics at Class Central
    Two professional professors in this field talk about their area of expertise in this tutorial. You will find yourself widely informative about different concepts of microeconomics and all their practical implications after you are done with this course.
  7. Intermediate Microeconomic Theory
    This will help the beginner to develop is understanding of microeconomics and all that will enable him to lay foundations of economics on the whole. The lecture notes are fairly comprehensive to understand.
  8. Development Economics: Microeconomic Issues and policy models
    For people wishing to learn ahead of the fundamentals, there are very good lectures on the subject. They have explained all the key concepts very well along with all the other minor, but important aspects you will need to know!
  9. Microeconomics by Arnold C. Harberger
    If you are short on time and want to learn key concepts and principles of Microeconomics, this is the place to be! It has precise, yet encircling information that accounts for everything you will need to know at the core of this sub-field.
  10. Introduction to Microeconomics –
    This is a PDF file, a very comprehensive microeconomics course that will make you learn every single thing you will ever need to know about it! It explains every principle in great length and caters to the need of both, the beginners and the intermediary to this course.
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