It is one of the high-level programming languages that helps one create programs and applications. Programmers find it easy to work with as it has an easy to understand syntax. However, one needs to know how to use it efficiently, to make best use of it and make programs that are most suitable to be made using it. It is one of those languages that is easy to learn as well and would not take much time to excel at. To help you develop your knowledge of Python, you can refer to following sources:

  1. Introduction to Programming with Python
    Beginners will find this tutorial to be very beneficial as it will not only enhance their basic knowledge of the programming language, but also enable them to learn all the minor, yet important aspects it has.
  2. Google’s Python Class
    One of the most amazing tutorials on Python is this one. Those who already have some knowledge will find themselves mastering it completely and the beginners will find it much easier to program in this language by the end of it.
  3. Python Tutorials
    Here are a number of tutorials for beginners, for those who want to learn a step ahead and those who want to become an expert on all of it. You will be able to program in this language effortlessly if you follow the tutorials till the end.
  4. Python programming tutorials
    This encompasses a series of YouTube videos which will guide you in mastering this programming language step-by-step. This is perfect for beginners to start with and for those with slight knowledge to further enhance their skills.
  5. Learn Python
    There is a very comprehensive tutorial to learning this programming language here, that will take you from the very foundations of it to the level where you will be able to program with it effortlessly.
  6. Python Tutorial
    You will find every bit of knowledge you need to know to excel at this programming language here. It deals with the basics of Python to different components it has. After you are done with the beginner’s tutorial, you can move on to advanced one then.
  7. Learn Python – The Hard Way

It will provide you with every bit of information you will need to know to be able to master this programming language in a very ordered fashion. Building your basis of it, to enabling you to make effective programs of your own, it will equip with every tool you need to know about it.

  1. Python Course – Code Mentor
    It is a 4-week course that will develop your skills of programming in this language and enable you to use it to make your own programs and applications.
  2. A Byte of Python
    it is a book that will teach you to program using Python version 3. It is a very comprehensive course book that will take you from the very basics of the language to the advanced levels.
  3. The Python Tutorial
    This is for absolute beginners, who will be starting from scratch to learn any programming language. Hence, it is quite comprehensive and guides through every measure you will need to know about the language to make best use of it.
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