We here variety of songs, composed with different genres, with different tones and use of sounds. Well, behind all the mixing of sounds, when to use what sound, how to mix different ones to come up with a new one, so on and so forth all come under music production. How one “produces” music is what music production is all about. Since many of us want to learn it academically, but fail to do so, we have gathered a list of sources for you to endeavor and learn this art on your own.

  1. The Basics of Music Production
    It is a PDF File, course from the Night School, perfect for beginners to this field. From the fundamental uses of equipment you will need, to making their best use, this guide will educate you comprehensively along the way.
  2. Beginner’s Guide to Music Production
    A very all-inclusive guide for newcomers to music production, which encompasses all the essentials one will need to know to master the initial and yet, most important practices of producing music.
  3. The Music Production Process
    Here, you will be guided to process involved in making music, where you will start off with the basics and over the course of 8 steps, dealt in great length, will be able to produce harmonious music of your own!
  4. How to Become a Music Producer
    This tutorial has to do more with the professional aspect of music production and will guide you through the measures you will need to take and things you will need to know to be in the music industry as a producer.
  5. Music Production 101
    It is a 4-step tutorial, which will guide you to recording a song. It makes use of all the essential components you will need to know, the measures you will need to take, and the equipment you will require as well.
  6. Introduction to Music Theory – BerkleeX
    It is a 6-weeks course, which makes uses of video transcripts to teach you the fundamentals of music! From learning the construct of major and minor scales, to recognizing blues and AABA form songs, you will learn everything from here!
  7. Introduction to Classic Music
    For those who are specifically involved with classical music and want to learn more about it, it is the perfect place to be. You will learn via video lectures and the only prerequisite is having basic knowledge of how to read musical notations.
  8. Fundamentals of Music Theory
    A course from University of Edinburgh’s Reid School of Music, making use of video lectures to get you acquainted with the theory of Western music, equipping you with expertise to read and write in Western notations, and analyze and recognize respectively.
  9. Introduction to Music Theory
    It is perfect for beginners to this field as it guides them through the fundamental concepts terms needed to discuss melody and harmony.
  10. Music Production Tutorials
    It is a YouTube Channel, which has series of videos to guide you through the basics of producing music to excelling at this art. You will find yourself quipped with sufficient knowledge of the art to make your own music by the end of it!
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