Increasing pressure on fossil fuels for energy production and the possible threats they pose to environment and people have encouraged exploration of more environment friendly sources of energy. These sources are known as renewable because they can be used multiple times and do not pose the risk of running out. Renewable energy is one area where huge investments are being made these days. For you to have a better understanding of the area, following sources would suffice:

  1. Renewable Energy Technology Basics
    You will get to learn about the very basic sources that are used for renewable energy. It is ideal for beginners, who are new to this field and want to develop an understanding of how various renewable energy sources are involved with generating power.
  2. Top 10 renewable energy sources
    For those who do not want to go in much details but want to learn about different sources used for renewable energy, this is the place to be. Each of the then sources are dealt with great precision, yet even more comprehension here.
  3. Renewable Energy Sources
    If this is the first time that you are learning about renewable energy, this would be a fairly good place to start with. They start with introduction to the very concept of renewable energy, to all the sources there are and also talk about how each of these sources actually work.
  4. Renewable Energy Sources – Alison
    It covers the whole area of climate change, energy sustainability and technologies involved for renewable energy. You will start learning from the very cause of the need for renewable energy to how you can fulfill that need using various sources.
  5. Introduction to Renewable Energy
    It is an SEI, 6-week course, that will enable you to learn the fundamentals of renewable energy and how different technologies are involved with producing energy using these renewable sources.
  6. Solar Energy
    A 8-week course that specifically deals with one renewable energy source, solar power! You will get to learn all the uses it has, the technical aspects of each of the methods to make use of it and just everything there is to know about solar energy.
  7. Elements of Renewable Energy
    It is a 4-week course that will equip you with all the essential knowledge of renewable energy with reference to the present need that it had become. By the end of it, you will be able to understand the workings of some key renewable energy sources.
  8. Intro to Renewable Energy
    It is a 10-lesson course that will take you from the basics of renewable energy to uses of different sources there are to make it. You will be guided on how to go about it right on the page.
  9. Alternative Energy Tutorials
    Here, you will have access to all kinds of renewable energy generation techniques using different tutorials. You can also enhance and strengthen your basics of the very concept as well.
  10. Introduction To Renewable Energy Technology
    It is a university course PDF file which will enable you to learn the different kinds of energy sources there are, their practical implications and the reasons to why there is a need for renewable energy.
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