Cooking decorating method is a special type of decoration which involves beautification of the cookies so that those become more delicious and tasty as well. Here, we will be describing about 10 free online courses info, through which you can easily learn cookie decorating sitting at your own place.

Karen Cookies

This website can be regarded as one of the best source of cookie decorating tutorials. The Cookie Decorating 101 course of this site involves the following areas.

  • Dough preparation and baking
  • Frosting preparation
  • Decorating bags
  • Decorating techniques
  • Piping
  • Use of Airbrush
  • Different Cookie projects
  • Miscellaneous

SweetAmbs Cookies

This 3 years old YouTube channel is one of the best sources for learning cookie decoration online. There are plenty of video tutorials which can help you learning the techniques of cookie decoration.


This website is a great resource of video tutorials related to cookie decoration. All of these video tutorials are totally free to access. So, you can start learning cookie decoration at any time you intend to.


This is a great blog which focuses on helping the learners in case of learning the cookie decoration techniques in the most effective and easiest way. All the tutorials of this blog are well described so that you don’t find any difficulties while studying them.

University of Cookie

The name clearly suggests that what you can expect to learn from this website. This site consists of lots of video tutorials which are clearly described about cookie decoration tips and techniques. You will be able to learn different types of tips related to cookie decoration when you visit this site. All the video tutorials of this are well explained so that you find it very easy to learn.

Bearfoot Baker

This is one of the best websites for the beginners who are very keen enough to learn cookie decoration. This website is divided into different sections which will help you learn all the basics you need to know about cookie decoration. All the video tutorials of this are very much helpful for the beginners.

Sweet Sugarbelle

This is another great resource from where you can start learning cooking decoration at any time you want to. Actually, this site has come up with lots of tutorials regarding cookie decoration which are absolutely free to access. You just need to visit the site in order to get access to the tutorials and then you can start practicing the decorations on your own.


Fir the starters, this can be regarded as a very helpful website related to learning cookie decoration online. In this website, you will find lots of tutorials and projects related to cookie decoration which are free for everyone.

King Arthur Flour

This website is likely to be the best resource for learning cookie decoration online. You will find a blog along with a series of video tutorials which are assistive enough to help you become an expert in the field cookie decoration.

Cookie Crazie

This website has a large collection of tutorials on cookie decorating tips and techniques. If you are a beginner, then you can definitely choose this site to give a start on cookie decoration.

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