Entrepreneurship is basically meant as the process of starting a new business typically a small typed business, for example, a startup business. At the present time, you will find different free online courses which are designed to educate you about what entrepreneurship. Here, we will be describing 10 free online courses which can help you a lot, if you are interested in learning about entrepreneurship.

Diploma in Business Management & Entrepreneurship

This is a great course for those individuals who want to start their own business. This course is completely free and in the end, you will be certified only if you achieve more than 80 percent in each assessment.


This is a very beneficial course for those professionals who have the intention and enthusiasm in starting a new business of their own. This online free course will guide you to get yourself acquainted with the characteristics of an entrepreneur as well as marketing strategies and business models.

Becoming an Entrepreneur

This is a one of the special courses for the entrepreneurs offered by the premier program of the MIT Launch. The whole course is divided into 6 weeks. And, you may need to spend around 1 to 3 hours per week in order to successfully complete this course.

Creating a Startup

This is one of the specialization online courses about entrepreneurship which is offered completely free. This course is mainly designed to focus on the problems of innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity. The primary objective of this course is to guide the students to learn the process of creating a new business from a simple idea.

Funded Business

This is another specialization course offered by the Wharton. This is an online based course is complete free to access. It is basically the combination of 4 course series with the aim of educating you about launching, financing, growth and profitability.

Launching New Ventures

This is a beginner level course for the individuals who want to lunch new ventures or businesses. This online based course will cost around 3 to 4 hours per week and there is no pre requisite to start this course.

Social Entrepreneur

This is a special typed online course which is designed to educate you about how you can create societal impacts with the help of social entrepreneurship. You will also get to know about the process of starting a venture in a social context.

Start A Business

This is one of the most helpful courses for the people who want to start a business of their own. The topics which will be covered are strategy, mindset, planning, action, and ideation.


This is free online entrepreneurship course which includes different types of videos tutorials, assignments and quizzes to measure your performance. There are a total of 4 modules in this course which are free to access.

Entrepreneurial Opportunities

This main objective is to educate you so that you can become a successful entrepreneur. This course will also help you understand about how you can evaluate business ideas and opportunities.


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