Paper garland is mainly made up from paper and it is used to decorate our home on different occasions like wedding, birthday party or any other type of holiday. With this article, we will try to acknowledge you about 10 free online course info for paper garlands.


In this website, you will find a few projects which are helpful enough to educate you about paper garlands. The projects are very deeply described so that you do not have to find any kind of difficulties while learning them.


Because of offering free online classes about paper garlands, this site has become very popular in the recent days. From this site, you can easily learn about how to make paper garlands from your home.


Wedding, holiday or party- whatever your occasion is, this site can be the most helpful one to you when it comes to the matter of making paper garlands. This site has lots of tutorials which you can easily learn sitting at your home. Moreover, you will not have to pay any money for getting access to these tutorials.

Guide Patterns

There are lots of paper garlands projects which are clearly defined and explained in this site. You can study each of the projects very easily because you will find helpful pictures attached to each of the projects.

Lia Griffith

This is another great website from where you can start learning how to make paper garlands. With detailed and helpful images, this site has tried to describe all of its tutorials in a manner so that the students can find it very simple and easy to study and practice at home.


This site has come up with a total of 21 paper garlands projects which are described thoroughly and deeply so that you can get those very easy to understand. At the same time, each of the tutorials is described with separate images so that the students can find the tutorials more user-friendly.


In this site, you will find 4 different methods of making paper garlands. For each of the method, there are certain steps to be followed which are clearly described in this site. Even you will find separate images for each of those methods so that you do not find any sort of problem while studying those methods.

Sew Sweet Stitches

For paper garlands decoration of different wedding ceremonies, there is no other website which is as helpful as this one. This site has come up with plenty of wedding decoration ideas along with tutorials with clear explanations and helpful description.

Handmade Charlotte

In this site, you will find around 6 different paper garlands party decoration tips. All of these decoration tips are well described so that you don’t face any issue while learning those.


For any kind of party decoration with paper garlands, this site can help you the most. In this site, you will find different types of party decoration tips and techniques which are helpful enough to make your party decoration way better than the ordinary ones.

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