Salad garnishing is basically meant as decorating the salad in order to make it look more appetizing and tasty. In this article, we will be describing about 10 free online resources which will help you learning about salad garnishing.

Wonder HowTo

This is one of the best online free websites from where you can start learning salad garnishing. While visiting this site, you will get plenty of tutorials about salad garnishing. And, surprisingly, each of the tutorials has got something new to teach you in order to make your everyday meal look more attractive.


When it comes to the matter of salad garnishing with fruits and vegetables, then you can find no better website than this one from where you can learn the art of salad garnishing. This website has huge varieties of tutorials on salad garnishing niche which are helpful enough to make you a professional chef.

Mutita EdibleArt

With tons of video tutorials on salad garnishing, this YouTube channel has become one of the very popular leaning channel. You will find different types of salad garnishing tutorial videos which are very simple to study and learn from home.

How to Make yummy

This is another great YouTube channel which has a collection of varieties of video tutorials on the salad garnishing niche. This channel regularly posts new video tutorials on different items about salad garnishing niche. So, you can follow this channel in order to learn something new on daily basis.


This is one of the very popular YouTube channels that does have a great collection of video tutorials on salad garnishing. You can never imagine how you can decorate your everyday meal in a nicer way unless you check the video tutorials of this channel.

Temple of Thai

This is another great website from where you can start learning about salad garnishing. In this site, you will find lots of tutorials which can help you learning making salad garnishing with the help of various types of fruits and vegetables.


This can be regarded as one of the best salad garnishing online based learning center. In this site, there is a collection of 671 salad recipe videos from where you can start learning and practicing everyday from your home.

Salad Decoration Ideas

This is a great website for the students who are at the beginner level in case of learning salad garnishing from home. In this site, every tutorial is described with clear images and the description is well written for easy understanding.

Food Corner

For the salad garnishing students, this can be regarded as one of the best websites. Each of the tutorials of this has separate images with separate description. It will help you to practice and learn each recipe separately.

Awesome Food

In order to learn salad garnishing online, you can definitely start with this site. Actually, this site has a collection of 30 different salad garnishing tips and techniques which are very much helpful for the housewives and beginner level students to practice from home.

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