Paper crafting; the art of creating three-dimensional figures with paper. It is an exciting and highly affordable way of decoration and involving children in fun activities, to enhance their creativity skills as well as sharpening their eyes. Below are some amazing free online courses to help you learn more about paper craft!

PaperCrafts Magazine

Paper Crafts Mag is a great place to learn from because it has organized it’s projects by the themes of various occasions. It also provides excellent video tutorials and allows you to join it’s community for free so that you can stay updated!

Paper Craft Connection; Online Courses

This website consists of a collection of various paper crafts lessons that users have added on to the site. You can also easily comment on each lesson to ask any question. They also have users selling paper crafts equipment, such as, a craft armoire that was being offered very recently.

123Peppy; Paper Craft Tricks

This contains a section with all the kinds of paper craft you can possible imagine! Seasonal crafts, animal crafts, insect crafts, accessories crafts, people crafts, you name it! You’re bound to find any craft you need here. There are also awesome origami video tutorials that have remarkale explanations. All in all, this one is amazing, whether you’re a beginner or a professional, or somewhere in the middle, you will surely like it.

Fun with Origami

Would you like to make an everlasting rose for some special on Valentine’s Day? Or perhaps, build a beautiul jewellery box for your mother for Mother’s Day? Whatever it is you may want to make, you can find incredible and unique ideas of cards and 3D decorations or gifts for all occasions here.; Paper Craft Hobbies

Parents can come to the arts and crafts section here and find very helpful ideas to keep their children busy in healthy and fun activities. Even if you’re not a parent and are interested in learning some paper craft for yourself, you’ll find this more than useful and easy to understand!

Paper Craft Museum

The Paper Crafts Museum is a wonderful place for beginners, it has video tutorials that are made specifically for beginners. If you have any questions, you can easily post them on their forum or even contact them through e-mail.



Paper Craft for Kids

Cute ideas for children are avilable as you scroll down this website easily. You don’t need to open any links if you’re not looking for something specific, just simply go down and you’ll have everything you need for your little and big creations.

Easy Paper Crafts; List of Paper Craft ideas

This place is filled with creative ways of recycling old material into beautiful and cute decorations, cards or even utensils. Each page has a new idea just waiting to be seen!; Ideas on Paper crafts for a variety of settings

A little mosaic ball hanging from the ceiling, little boxes placed neatly, cute shapes stuck to a window pane; brilliant ways to decorate a child’s room! has a wide variety of paper crafts, you might think you’ve seen them all, but there will always be more!; Home of the paper craft techniques

This website will teach you to make the most unique creations! You can make pokemon characters, and many other cartoon characters. Not only that, they also have their own characters; giving you the chance to mix a little bit of your own imagination as you learn about the techniques in paper craft and build a perzonalized item!

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