Jewelry is one of the weakest point of women and that explains why that would go crazy if they can get their hands on some very easily. Well, wire wrap jewelry is that kind! It is as simple as stone wrapped up in a wire, and hanged onto a chain, making a pendant. Making jewelry, rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets using the wire wrapping technique constitutes the wire wrap jewelry.
Let us see at how you can make one for yourself from the following sources:

  1. 14 Wire Jewelry patterns for beginners
    Since it starts from the very basic skills needed to know to wrap wires, it is best for beginners! As you advance, it will teach you using this technique to make 3 of each kind of ornaments. Lastly, you will be making a more sophisticated necklace using the same technique.
  2. 54 Simple wire jewelry making tutorials
    Tutorials are divided into 4 parts here. You will find your guidance to making amazing, easy-to-make necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings by using a variety of wire wrapping techniques.
  3. Wire Wrapping: Beginner’s guide
    For a beginner, it is very vital to know the very foundations and origin of wire wrapping and this is what you will find here. The guide also entails the materials, techniques involved and the tools required for making wire wrapped jewelries by yourselves.
  4. Wire wrapping and wire weaving
    Here you will find video tutorials to wire weaving and wire wrapping different kinds of ornaments. Also, there are quick tips to help you excel at this craft. It will teach you amazing ways you can wire wrap your jewelry in.
  5. Wire Jewelry
    A huge variety of different kinds of wire wrapped jewelry instructions and their patterns are available here. You can learn to make an array of wire wrapped jewelry by making these one by one.
  6. Wire Jewelry patterns
    This is an eBook which has 6 different projects that will help you learn how to make wire jewelries. It has a step-by-step guide which will also allow you to be creative and personal with your jewelry.
  7. Basic Wire Wrapping techniques
    This is a YouTube video which is best for beginners. It goes through the basics of making wire jewelry very quickly but ensuring that you grasp the main concept.
  8. Wire wrapping a pendant
    A YouTube video which will guide you to wrapping a pendant so beautifully that you would not buy them from stores next time. You would want to make one for yourself every time.
  9. 16 DIY wire wrapping tutorials
    This is an eBook which will guide you in making 16 DIY wire jewelry patterns. They have given very clear instructions for each one and also allow room for personal creativity. You can make wondrous ornaments after learning how to make some from this eBook.
  10. Wire wrapped pendant
    A very comprehensive tutorial to making a wire wrapped pendant in style! Step-by-step instructions to making this would enable you to learn more at each step and after being done with it, you will be open to your own versatility in making more appealing patterns!
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