The running and progressing of a company depends largely on the operations department. ‘Operations’, the word itself gives significance to the broad field it represents. The internet has made accessible volumes of text and courses for people of all levels to learn from, sharing tips and tricks of the trade right from people with years of experience., Operations Management Course by Prof. Gad Allon

Based upon five sections and numerous chapters, this course thoroughly covers Operations Management. Starting with the basics on framework, benefits reaped from operation management, the course moves on to the processes involved, metrics, firm capacity and time management. This continues onto production, then supply management and ends with a summary of the process from start to finish., Fundamentals of Operations Management

With the average duration for this course being 2-3 hours, it is considered as an ideal course for starters to learn and get introduced to operations management and its functions. It covers the processes undertaken by managers such as location planning, capacity planning, stock and inventory management, scheduling, time management. In short, the course is a basic overview touching all the general aspects of operation management.

Diploma in Operations Management

What we have here is a fully fledged diploma, so much for the courses online being offered by sites. This diploma covers almost every topic on the surface regarding operations management. You start off with the basics and learn about the different sectors of a business, how operations vary, the list goes on and on. Furthermore, assessment tests provided with this diploma will ensure you are retaining what you are learning so you can easily apply these skills in practical life.

Master Class Management, Business Basics: Operation Management

This on-website course attempts to link various business processes related to operations and explain how they function. You will learn of the basics, the different activities that take place, how they are undertaken, how the approach to each varies. Furthermore you learn of operation optimization and other managerial tasks.

MIT’s Operation Management Course

This course will introduce you to the many aspects of operation management. You learn about the key features such as designing, control of inventory and production, planning and an improvement of the existing service and manufacturing operations. Starting with what operations are, moving on to process management, supply chain management, it helps to understand the three tiers of operations in detail.

MIT’s Theory of Operations Management

This course differs from the basic operations management course in the sense that you read up on presentations and research papers from a number of sources (provided with the course), rather than learning basics and introductions. Thus the level is a little advanced. Mainly this course focuses on running and operating from a customer’s point of view. Meaning, running operations based on the needs of customers. You learn of distribution systems, life cycles of products and forecasting models on evaluating and future direction and performance.

Seminar in Operations Management by MIT

This is an advanced course focusing on the developmental stages and creation of roadmaps. These are action plans and their various uses and applications are discussed with reference to numerous industries. You learn of data collection procedures for preparing a roadmap, the encountered difficulties and how to evolve a company in an ever growing environment.

Introduction to Operations Management by MIT

An introductory course on how a company utilizes the operations management department. You learn concepts and working examples on the services and manufacturing operations within a firm. Supply chain management, procurement and a lot more terms which fall under operation management. At the end of the course, you get a virtual task in which you have to manage a virtual factory as a test of your learning.

Open education; Understanding Operations Management

This is a complete course on operation management basics. You learn of its applications, its limitations, what methods it adopts to conduct its specific activities. With a clear and easy to use interface, this course will be of use to beginners and pros alike.; Operations Management is a premium online learning course provider. The requirements for taking this course are the same as others. However its an online course so you need to either save the pages to your pc or keep the net on continuously. The course is of 10 units and covers majority of the aspects of Operations Management in detail. Consider it an equivalent to a college course, with the exception of the social classroom interactions.

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