Finance is one of the core aspects of a business. Finances determine how further and faster a business can progress and where it currently stands. Here are some courses which will improve your financial finesse and get you better and managing finances in the optimum way.

MIT Open Course in Financial Management

This course covers the core components of finance management such as evaluations of assets, risk calculation, derivatives, opportunity cost, dividend policy and a lot more. The course material can be easily downloaded in PDF format and viewed via any pdf reader easily.

Financial Management Training Center

This site has been made to serve as an online training resource center for financial management students. Anyone wishing to learn about it can benefit immensely from this website. Courses have been arranged in order ranging from introductory to advance. One can easily choose a course of their choice and download its related material, references and even take the online exam for it.; Financial Literacy is a popular online course provider site. It’s course on financial management serves as an introduction to the field of finance and works for beginners to get them acquainted as well as professionals who will get see this as a refresher course. The course is spread across seven modules and covers a lot of topics.

Management; All about Financial Management

Although this is a brief overview of financial management, it serves a purpose which many other courses fail to. It gives a view of the practical side of operations and how financial management serves its purpose in the field. Exact situations are explained along with their applications. Furthermore, the handy references provided will help in explaining each sub-topic further.

Entrepreneurial Finance

This MIT Open Course is regarding the aspects of finance involved in the start-up of new ventures and the crucial stages of company development. It helps explain and identify the challenges faced when starting something new and how to address those challenges.

Finance Theory

This course takes a rather theoretical approach to explaining the aspects of finance such as decision making, insights into operations of a company and its finances and so on. It looks to explain and link theory to the practical on-goings of a company giving real-life case studies as examples.

BYU Marriott School; Personal Financial Management

This course is on-site and is divided into three categories according to level of instruction. They are; for the beginner, intermediate and finally advanced. This course may be considered as a short but complete course as it briefly touches all the aspects of financial management.

Stanford Education; Financial Management Videos

With 22 videos to choose from, each covering a different topic; you’re sure to learn a lot about financial management, no matter what topic you choose. The videos come with transcripts so you can read it easily too and copy out references should you want to. A browser-catcher can be used to save the videos for viewing later.

Analysis through Financial Management

This course explains the application of financial information gathered and how to comprehend and analyze it. Different tools and their usage is explained so you can make the best of what’s available and make more informed and quantifiable decisions accordingly.; Financial Management- Financial Statements

This is a course covering the topics on financial management. You learn how to manage statements which are then used to assess financial status and how to step forward accordingly.

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