It is very essential to have all the numerical and figures of a business in one place. That helps evaluate the financial position and prospects for the business. This is why we have financial models. They are the representation of the business operations in numbers. Financial modelling is the process by which these models are obtained. They could be for the overall, or a part of the business.

You can also learn how to do it by using the tutorials listed below:

  1. What is financial modelling At Finance Walk

An utterly comprehensive and basic knowledge of what financial modelling is and all the other essential know-how about it can be found here. This will help strengthen your concepts about the matter at hand.

  1. Financial Model Tutorial

This a Youtube video in which instructor is giving precise information as to how you can build your financial model. It encompasses all the basic concepts you will need to know and the possible software.

  1. Free Financial Modelling Tutorial

This site is specifically dedicated to making you learn the best of financial models. It is the perfect means of learning financial modelling for beginners, as well as who are on their way to become experts.

  1. Financial Modelling Fundamentals

Here there are self-study download zip file, in which are all the essential materials you will need to go through to learn to model finance. Forming your foundations and then testing your application is what this tutorial is all about.

  1. 10 first steps to create your own financial models in excel

This will help you make you financial models using excel. All that you need to know about excel and the options that are available for respective financial model is all discussed in great length here.

  1. Three statement financial model at Ontigio

They specifically educate you on the three-statement financial model. This is the best place for those who want to take a step ahead in this field. They will guide you at each step and will ensure you are able to apply the theory practically.

  1. Creating a financial model step-by-step

One of the most comprehensive tutorial you will ever come across. This is perfect for beginners as it encircles the dos and don’ts of financial modelling, while forming the very base of the learner.

  1. Financial Modelling examples using excel

Here you will find video tutorials to different kinds of financial models you can represent using excel. This will help you understand how to model finances depending upon the nature of the reason as to why it needs to be built.

  1. Introduction to financial modelling using Excel

This is a very good tutorial on financial modeling, that will enhance your present knowledge base of the subject and enable you to master the science. It primarily focuses on use of Excel for financial models.

  1. Financial Modelling in 10 easy steps

This is a chapter-wise tutorial on financial modelling, which will start with the background to financial modelling to what different kinds of models there are. This is one of the best guides for beginners and will enable one to learn a huge deal.

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