It is when creative story telling is done through drawing pictures on a whiteboard or a whiteboard-like surface. It is then recorded and effects are added. It is also known as video scribing and animated doodling. Quality has been enhanced with the introduction of software programs to create whiteboard animations. Resulting videos are popular on Vimeo and YouTube. It is considered to be among the most effective ways of communicating a message to general public.

  1. Video Scribeoffers a free trial in which you will have access to an easy to use- simple interface, bite size tutorials and free ebooks! It also has a scribe wall which consists of inspiring videos which you can view while working your way up the ladder!
  2. Whiteboard Animation In their online portfolio, they have unified videos made for their biggest clients like Unilever and WWF to show you the potential you can reach. You can also view videos made for a specific industry to help you gain idea of how to cater to specific needs.
  3. GoAnimate allows you to produce your own animation style video. You’ll need only a mouse, your friendly browser and your passion. Its theme includes hand drawn objects and character actions catering to various professions. You can also adjust the timings for an image and delay its appearance to a later scene.
  4. PowToon offers free software and presentations on how to use it. It is used by industrial giants like Starbucks, Coca-Cola and Pfizer.
  5. TruScribe has its own software which can be downloaded, and it works upon the concept of scribology. Hello, scribers! The website offers a 21-day free trial period so you can continue if it is your forte. It shows casts the work done through their software and also offers to provide its services.
  6. The Draw Shop you can have your own Pow-Wow book now to reflect your thoughts, ideas or opinion through whiteboard animation and this site will help you out with it! It’s completely free of cost, you just have to enter your name and email to have a personalized identity.
  7. Instructables all you need is markers, a whiteboard, camera and sketches and this instructable user, Natasha will show you how to go about it in her simplified, step by step videos!
  8. Guru whiteboard animation for business negotiation course is taught by Abdulkaiyam from India. There is a YouTube link given in the brief which can be followed. Amazing for people who are looking for specialized, business related learning for whiteboard animation.
  9. Loud Videos offers a 33-minute video tutorial on how to make whiteboard videos. It also has its portfolio section you can look upto for inspiration. Cherry on top, if you are a client looking for services, this is my recommended go!
  10. UX Mastery focuses on how to minimize the costs incurred in making the video so that you can get more return through your services. No high-quality paper, no fancy markers or heavily priced softwares! This tutorial will teach you how to achieve success with less.
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