Sewing is the craft of attaching or binding objects with stitches together using a needle and a thread. Initially, sewing was done by hands. Developments in technology lead to advancements in this field too. Fashion, as we know today, has been a product of and is still an end result of this skill and craft!

Reflecting upon the need of people who are interested in sewing, there have been tremendous efforts to make its courses available to masses via internet, and that too, free! Following are the few of such courses.

  1. Sewing classes at Craftsy

They have professionals to teach you from the basics to the most advance of sewing techniques. Moreover, they offer variety of choices for you to choose from, including zipper techniques, machine basics and just everything you would want to learn with its respect!

  1. Sewing class for Beginners at Ohyourcraftygal

It is the best place to be for the beginners who are not even aware of the most basics of the sewing to those who just want to polish the little knowledge that they have. The tutorials here are a combination of the best online courses that there are.

  1. Learn to sew by Professor Pincushion

Here, you will find excellent guides to different styles of sewing that there are. They have tutorials for beginners to the projects for experts!

  1. Sewing Lessons at Craft and Fabric Links

They have extremely well-written guide books to go about this craft. You will be amazed to see the importance they have given to explaining the minutest of details that can prove particularly helpful in mastering the craft of sewing!

  1. Learn to sew by Tillyand the buttons

It is the ultimate source of learning and for excelling the art of sewing! You will discover the little secrets to going about it with professionalism via their array of different tutorials.

  1. Sewing video tutorials at E-sewingworkshop

They have provided with satisfactory number of videos and tutorials to understand the basics of sewing, starting from the choice of cloth, talking about the best needle to use till the most appropriate way of going about it.

  1. Sewing guide books at Usha

Ranging from specific kind of clothes to the machines and threads used, you will find a complete guide for sewing in the books provided here. They have amazingly guided through comprehensive step-by-step tutorial in each book.


  1. Learn to Sew from Melly Sews

She will guide you through every inch of a sewing machine to how you will get a required piece of object stitched! An amazing tutor to few of the best sewing tutorials there are!

  1. Sewing classes at Savis Fashion Studio

They exclusively have the foundation sewing courses and the tutorials for women clothing, particularly Indian women clothing. It is best for those who want to learn about techniques involved with former mentioned clothing.

  1. Sewing courses at Crazy Little Projects

They have a number of sewing courses, guiding you with regard from the most basics of sewing to some little advance techniques to beautify the final product. The guides are extremely comprehensive and easy to follow, with expert tutors guiding you!


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