Thermal has to do with temperature and heat. Thermodynamics is a branch of science that deals with effect of changes of heat and temperature on energy and work. How all these things are related is answered using this field of science. There are four laws that are studied in this field, that check for the quantities of the aforementioned variables. To look more into it and get more insight into thermodynamics, following are the sources you can refer to:

  1. Thermodynamics Tutorials
    There are 10 chapters here that will help you get a good grip of the phenomenon. It starts with the very basics of the concept to the laws governing it and then its use in different systems.
  2. First Law of Thermodynamics
    Here is a lecture delivered at MIT on the first law of thermodynamics. This is best for those who have prior knowledge of the concept and want to build more on the laws one by one. On the side, there are links to other lectures regarding thermodynamics as well.
  3. Thermodynamics
    If you scroll down, you will get to the lectures and notes about thermodynamics. There are recommended texts, the assignments and everything you will need to know the concept by heart!
  4. Thermodynamics – Saylor
    They have discussed the topic very thoroughly and in great length for beginners to make their foundations strong and for the mediocre ones to build upon their concepts. They have dealt with each aspect of the field with sheer competency and professionalism.
  5. Thermodynamics – Khan Academy
    A very sorted and organized tutorial to learning thermodynamics awaits you here. You will learn about each law and other aspects related to it right here. They have provided with very precise and comprehensive information regarding the topic.
  6. Thermodynamics – Edx
    This is a basic thermodynamics course specifically for mechanical engineering students. Hence, those who are looking to pursue their career in mechanical engineering but are not clear on thermodynamics have found their perfect guide right here!
  7. Video Lectures on Thermodynamics
    Here are the video lectures to Thermodynamics course at MIT Opencourseware, which deals with the fundamentals of the concept to all the four laws that govern the phenomenon. You will get to learn from the professionals here!
  8. Thermodynamics in Energy Engineering
    It is a very good and comprehensive course on thermodynamics for people interested in energy engineering. Not only will you learn the very basics of the concept, but you will study it with specific relation to energy engineering!
  9. Thermodynamics Course
    Those who do not have any prior experience with this branch, they will find it very easy to understand it with all the content there is over here. They have dealt with complex fundamentals and laws of thermodynamics very causally, making it simple to comprehend!
  10. Basic Thermodynamics
    Here thermodynamics is dealt with relation to mechanical engineering. There are video lectures to each law and basis that makes the understanding of the concepts very easy. They have dealt with every bit of information in great length!
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