User Experience or User Experience design is the process by which use of a product is made more favorable for the user. Basically, improving any aspect that increases the likelihood of user using a product or service again, either because they like its use, or because it appeals to them, or because it is easier for them to access. Going about making all this achievable is what UX is all about. Businesses are involved with it all the time and so can you, using the following resources:

  1. UX Design Fundamentals
    A video based course, spread over a number of videos in 8 different sections, that you can access by taking their premium class only though. You will learn everything you need to know about creating apps, sites, and systems that are useful, usable and valuable!
  2. User experience for the Web
    This particular course deals with making the users use of websites more pleasurable and meaningful. There are four modules to each and by the end of the course, you will have excelled at making best use of the learned tools and techniques for great user experience!
  3. An Introduction to User Experience Design
    A comprehensive course, that deals with various aspects of user experience design in great length while emphasizing on the monetary benefits this field poses for the related people as well.
  4. Creating a compelling User Experience with Lean UX
    A video based course, which will enable you to learn the techniques and measures form taking the feedback from consumers, to putting it to good use for their better experience next time.
  5. Introduction to Web and eCommerce User Experience Design
    It is perfect for people who are new to this concept and want to benefit from it. It is a 30-minute video course that will equip newcomers to make optimal use of online world for better marketing.
  6. 15 Email Newsletter UX Tips for Creating an Awesome Campaign
    It takes a slightly different approach to making user experience better, by targeting the audience via email newsletters. So, implementing on these tips would get you to make your email newsletters more attractive and readable.
  7. UX Crash Course: 31 Fundamentals
    You will have access to 31 different lessons in this course, by the end of which you will have strengthen your fundamental knowledge of UX design and how to make best use of it.
  8. UX Apprentice
    It is a website, that will help you build your techniques for improving user experience by discovery, strategy and design! It makes use of unique ways to get you acquainted with the required tools and techniques of UX design.
  9. User Experience Design
    A very elaborative course, starting from Intro to the phenomenon, to the methods involved in making best use of techniques to achieve the goal and everything in between to flawlessly excelling at it.
  10. 10 Most Common Misconceptions about User Experience Design
    Knowing these misconceptions, will help build better upon the phenomenon and excel at it with more integrity. When you will be clear on what it is not, you will be clear on how to best use it.
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