Writing is something which takes place almost all the time. Whether it is an idea which struck us or something we note down to recall later, writing is done. Article writing, as a form of communication, media; has gained a lot of importance. People wish to remain informed and turn to articles. Here are some free online article writing courses for you to develop your skills through.

Elf Wood.com; General Article Writing Tips

This site is related to story writing but it has an excellent section on general writing tips which has a collection of topics which will help you improve your article writing skills. The topics here include sentence formation and sequence, story building and a lot more.

Freelance Writing; Article Writing Lessons

Here are a collection of lessons on article writing in the context of freelancers. This course covers not only the basics and other pointers of writing but also external factors which affect your quality of work produced. There are 50 chapters to choose from and the best part is that they’re in video format.

How to write a feasibility study

After signing up with your email ID here you will be eligible to receive a self-paced course on writing feasibility studies. Article writing is exactly the same, you write about the pros and cons of something, give a view point and so on; same is the case with feasibility studies.

Intensive Grammar Course

This course has been provided by about.com. It covers all there is to English in terms of grammar and has been designed with the point of view that the reader/learner has English as his/her second language. In order to write well, you need to be well versed with grammar.

MIT Open Course on Technical Writing

Article Writing, especially when it comes to good, high quality articles; requires an analytical approach to the subject, whatever it may be. This is where MIT Open Course’s Technical Writing Course comes in. You will learn to write in a style which appeals to readers.

Wikiversity; Technical Writing

Wikiversity, or Wikipedia’s collection of courses, has an excellent series of courses on writing. Consisting of a number of sections, sub-sections and lessons; this course alone will be enough to get you apt in article writing skillfully.

Time4Writing.com; Article Writing Lessons

This site has been made just for providing writing lessons. Although it is a paid-course provider, it does a list of free writing lessons for you to learn from. They include tips and direction on writing essays, stories, articles and a lot more.

Introduction to Fiction

This course analyses the works and novels of varying kinds and helps the learner understand of different writing styles. This enables you to develop and polish on your existing skills to write better. All the material, further readings, etc are available in the content section.

Openlearn.com; What is good writing?

Openlearn.com is a well known free online course provider. Here it has a course on writing which has been extracted from “Good Study Guides”. It covers the many topics involved which determine the quality of an article.

How to write about what you know; Expression

This course helps you learn to express yourself in your writings. You develop a new perception of the world and enable yourself to notice the minute details. With all this newly gained content, your articles will hold much more weight and therefore stand out among the rest.


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