Many of us have an innate drive to write, to express and to be recognized for our use of words. Well, scriptwriting is one way of fulfilling this drive and reaching one’s potential of being able to write! Script is mere use of words for a play, broadcast or film. When people are involved in writing these scripts, they are actually involved with scriptwriting. In order to further explore this art and enhance your scriptwriting abilities, following are the sources:

  1. Scriptwriting Essentials
    It covers all the things you will need to learn to be able to finish and furnished script in 10 different parts. Making your basis of the art strong at first and then gradually introducing you to the technical aspects it poses.
  2. How to write a Screenplay: Introduction to Screenwriting
    For better understanding of the elements it encompasses, you will sufficient material here, which will comprehensively guide you to writing a really good screenplay of your own. It takes you sequentially so that you are good at one element before moving on to the other.
  3. How to write a Script
    It has five parts to it, and talks about all the processes you will need to be going through before concluding the final draft. It also makes use of pictures to clarify each process and element.
  4. How to write a Screenplay
    Here, you will be guided through 5-steps that are involved with screenplay writing by a professional. She will enlighten you with her experience of learning to write a screenplay while equipping you with the ability to do so as well.
  5. Screenwriting
    A very elaborative tutorial to learning how to write a script. It is spread over 22 different units, each concerning with an essential component of the process, the do’s and don’ts, formats and just everything you will need to know to finalize a script.
  6. Scriptwriting for Beginners
    Over here, you will specifically learn about writing scripts with reference to movies and TV dramas. For a beginner to this field, you will also find all the essential knowledge regarding the art right here.
  7. 7 ways writing a Screenplay is Different than writing a Novel
    Reading through this will clarify a lot of confusions and would enable you to strengthen the concepts necessary for writing a screenplay. This article is the ultimate guide for beginners to their usual beautiful prose into a great script for a film.
  8. From idea to Script
    This is an article, which enable you to enhance your thinking skills in terms of writing scripts. It will teach you to put your ideas to thoughts and formulate an effectively communicative script out of it.
  9. Screenwriting Course from University College Falmouth
    You will find YouTube videos to a 10-week course here, along with links to other material you will need to be able to fully master this art being guided by this course.
  10. How to write a Screenplay
    From all the essential tips to the examples for you to learn from, this is a perfect guide. It will start from the introduction, to the format, to all the important aspects you will need to consider while writing scripts.
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