Writing, the ultimate form of expression, has evolved over time. Of course classical masterpieces have no parallels but there is always some common ground between them. These common points form the rules which aspiring writers should follow should they want to produce great works themselves.

Start writing fiction by Open edu.com

This course is provided as part of an open course from actual university lessons. The course teaches a student on developing different characters and using different settings and genres. These are the main themes around which this course revolves. Many examples and assignments are also given to further reinforce what you have already learnt. Visit this site once you’re done with this course for advanced lessons and interactions with other fiction writers.

Introduction to Fiction; MIT Open course ware.com

MIT Open courses are part of MIT’s program to enable students worldwide to study courses which aren’t offered formally anymore. This course provides excellent insight into the world of fiction writing. It takes reference from different settings and types of writings and explains their impact on fiction writing. One can develop new views and ideas for their writings from this course.

Writing and reading short stories by MIT

Personally I found this course quite informative. It focuses on the aspects of writing which makes it wholesome. One aspect to be exact that is reading. Learning to read with focus and concentration leads to improved writing skills. You will learn to write better descriptions and create more interesting stories and characters altogether.

Writing University.org; Lessons on the different aspects of fiction writing

This is a somewhat unique site to come across. Here you’ll find lists of different audio lessons. Each lesson focuses specifically on a different aspect of fiction writing. Some discuss the creation and portrayal of characters and settings while others give handy advice on producing your best writing pieces.

Advanced fiction writing.com

Don’t let the name get to you. This site is an excellent resource for beginners and pros alike. Visit this excellent site for yourself to see its numerous benefits. It describes some special methods on writing. However these can be a little difficult to grasp for the beginners.

 Science fiction and fantasy writing

Another site dedicated to fiction writing. However the main themes here are science fiction and fantasy writing. Use the categories to the left to navigate around the site and explore the various topics and lessons available.


Free online Flash Fiction course

This writer’s site usually provides paid courses. However it does have a really good three week flash fiction course as well. You learn about the different ways you can improve upon your writings as well. Sign-up is required.

Comprehensive writing course

This is a nine week course covering almost every aspect of fictional writing. Weekly lessons and it includes assignments as well.

Endless story Ideas by Creative Writing Now.com

This is a 12-hour course based over three days. You will be emailed a lesson each day on how to develop new ideas and shape existing ones into proper fiction writings. Although you’ll find a list of courses on this site, you’ll notice that they aren’t free. To start, simply sign up with your details in the box listed below the first course.

Creative writing course

Covering eight diverse sub-topics of fictional writing; this course is something which you must study. Each lesson follows to-do exercises as well. No sign-up required, simply start on the site by click the ‘click here to get started’ at the end.


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