We all have that creativity within us just bursting to get out. Well here are some courses to help you learn and express your creativity through the mighty power of writing. Some are video tutorials, some are courses and others are email newsletters.

Wikia.com; Creative Writing

An in-depth overview of all the aspects of creative writing, you learn about characters, story plots, settings, organizing and properly presenting an idea and a lot more. You can download these courses in web page format for later viewing too.

Writers Treasure; Creative Writing 101

A beginner’s guide on writing, each and every aspect is covered while keeping you in mind as a novice. You’ll easily grasp all the topics and by the time you’re done, you’ll be able to write your own essays and stories without a problem.

Sophia.org; Tutorial on Creative Writing

Two lessons, one on creative writing and other on writing in general. Both these complement each other and will help you get a good grasp on writing, the skills involved and much more. You learn about presenting and getting new ideas which effectively engage the reader and so on.

Creative Writing Tutorials

This website is all about the different styles of creative writing. Fictional stories and other genres from which each style has been described and explained individually so you can get an idea of what appeals to you and what you want to learn.


A writer’s website, here you’ll see a 9 week course on writing, covering plots, ideas, planning, audiences and much more on effective creative writing. You are explained each topic followed by homework to reinforce what you have learnt. You can also download them as web pages and see later.

Creative Writing Questionnaire

More like writing exercises, you are presented with hundreds of questions and some tips and exercises for writing. These will challenge your mind and broaden your thinking, allowing you to formulate better ideas and get more skilled at writing a more interesting story.

MIT Open Courses; Writing and Humanistic Studies

A wide range and long list of online courses touching varying aspects are available. You can choose from learning about something specific to going on for a general course. These courses not only cater to beginners but advanced writers can also learn something here and polish their skills.

The craft writer.com; Creative Writing

This 8-part course covers opening up and bringing out your creativity, writing short stories, writing from a reader’s point of view, realistic writing, dialogue, characters and a lot more. This is a comprehensive and complete guide for creative writing and in regard to its related aspects.

Creative writing now.com

A 3 day course covering all the essentials and also including some specials, this course is fit for both beginners and advanced writers. You need to sign up with your email ID and you’ll receive the course in your inbox, one per day. You learn to generate story ideas and a lot more.

Story Mind.com, Writing Tools

Having a hundred and thirteen courses covering every aspect of writing, this website is your all-in-one stop to learning creative writing online. The video tutorials will help you understand and learn each process using some famous stories as examples to further help you learn.

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