Ruby is a programming language, which is used in a web applications developing framework called Rails. For software engineering enthusiasts, it is one of the most preferred ways of going about creating web applications. If you are new to this field, but are looking or just the right guidance to excel at it, following are the options for you to explore:

  1. Getting Started with Ruby on Rails
    The very first things you need to make sure to start with are dealt with here. You will find instructions to downloading and installing the required application program and just everything you need to know to about proceeding with it can be found here.
  2. Things to learn about Ruby on Rails
    You will find 13 educative enough information about Ruby on Rails, starting with a very complete introduction to the framework, to the very basics you will need to know about it in order to make use of it.
  3. The intro to Rails screencast I wish I had
    For beginners, this is the perfect place to begin with as Jeffrey Way tells you about every bit of important information you need to know about Rails. He will take you very gradually, encompassing all the essence of the framework and ensuring you get a grip of it at each step.
  4. Ruby on Rails Tutorial
    This is an eBook with everything you need to know about Ruby on Rails in order to understand and learn it. You will kick off with the introduction to the framework, to excelling at different commands there are and to making simple web applications using it.
  5. Ruby on Rails Tutorial – Tutoriolspoint
    Anyone who does not have prior experience with it can easily get a grip of it by following this all-inclusive tutorial! It encompasses all the necessary skills that a web developer using Rails need to know.
  6. Getting Started with Rails
    Here, you will learn getting hold of the application, to the basic principles of different aspects Rails has, to the layout of Rails and all the necessary information you would need to know to excel at it.
  7. Learn Ruby on Rails
    A very comprehensive course, explaining why you should go for it to how you should go about it. A mediocre will get their skills polished and a newcomer will lay his foundations here.
  8. Learn Rails the Zombie Way
    The tutorial is divided into parts and they are more of a video base tutorials to learning this framework. They take you along very well, making everything clear at every step. You will master the fundamentals of the framework here.
  9. Learn Ruby on Rails: the ultimate Beginner’s tutorial
    As you can comprehend, this is where all beginners should start with because it strengthens the basis of the idea and also makes foundations for those who have never had any prior experience to web developing.
  10. Ruby on Rails Tutorial
    This is a YouTube video which will enable you to learn the fundamentals of this web developing framework and equip you with ability to design your own web applications.
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