Business analytics is referred to be the special sort of practice which is used to implement decision making on the basis of statistical analysis of a company. In this article, we are going to discuss about 10 free online sources info from where you can learn business analytics completely free.

Bridging the gap

With the help of this website, you will be able to start learning business analytics in a step by step procedure. You just need to complete your registration through registering. Don’t worry! It’s completely free. You just need to provide your name and email address at the time of registration.

Business analysis mentor

In this website, you will find the core tips and techniques which are required to become successful in business analysis. All of the techniques mentioned and described in this site are very much helpful to learn and practice business analytics in your organization in a successful way.

Business analysis experts

In this site, you will get the experts from whom you can start learning business analytics without spending any money at all. There are lots of sections in this site which are helpful enough to educate you the overall insights of business analytics.

University of California

University of California offers this course about business analytics which is completely free for all. There are a total of 7 sections in this course. You have to complete all the sections of this course in order to successfully complete it.


This is a great website which is focused on producing business analytics totally free. You can join today and start learning the business analytics course from now on.

The analytics edge

This is another interesting and helpful site from where you can start learning the data analysis and statistics course totally free. The whole length of this course is about 12 weeks. And, you only have to spend 10 hours per week in order to complete this course successfully.

Analytics decision making

This is a very important website for those who want to learn business analytics from the basics. The length of this course is around 4 weeks. This is an online based course and you have to spend around 5 hours per week to get a successful outcome from this course.

Future learn

For the beginners, this is a very important website because this site offers the business analytics course with the addition of forecasting method. This course will help you learn this course practically so that you can get an idea of what is happening in the real world.


This is a very helpful website which is very popular for offering the free online based business analytics course. With addition to the opportunity to learn this course, you can also get tutorials from this site.


This is a great YouTube channel which offers plenty of video tutorials with the aim of helping you learning the business analytics course without spending any money. You can check the video tutorials and start learning from any tie you want.

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